Wednesday, June 13, 2012

baby Duck 5

I was going to post this at the begining of 34 weeks, but our internet has been out due to 15 or so inches of rain. Now is the time to submit your guess! When do you think baby Duck will arrive? You have until June 24 to post your thoughts and their actually will be a small prize this time! Here are the details from the last four Ducks:

Canon: Due date: August 17
Arrived: August 19 (2 days late)
Weight: 9 lbs

Boaz: Due date: January 14 
Arrived: December 22 (23 days early)
Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz

Olivia: Due date: April 17 
Arrived: March 22 (25 days early)
Weight: 7 lb 9 oz

Carson: Due date: September 9 
Arrived: August 18 (22 days early)
Weight: 7 lb 3 oz

Baby Duck 5: Due date: July 23

Please post a comment with what you think the last three details will be for this little one. I can't wait to see your guesses and find out who the winner is! 


Anyone can enter, just hurry!