Saturday, August 30, 2008


That's one way to spell "Canon." Here are some pics of his latest shenanigans. In the first picture, he is picking the sprinkles off of a cake that I just finished icing for a baby shower. While this was very funny, I was not so happy and scrambled to find a way to repair the cake. The second pic is after a trip to the potty. Canon loves to wear our shoes. I'm not sure if this picture is appropriate for the Internet, but it is hilarious. I hope you enjoy and just imagine what our daily life is like!

Sneak Peak

Here is a little sneak peak into what the Ducks will look like for Halloween. We don't "celebrate" Halloween, but we do enjoy dressing up, carving silly faces in pumpkins, and bribing neighbors to come to our house by offering them free candy. You will have to wait a while to see the rest of the fam. I just thought you might enjoy seeing the scariest Scare Crow and the most ferocious Lion around!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Layout

I have been browsing around some other friend's blogs and stumbled upon this sort of back ground. I loved it and have searched far and wide to find one that fits us. So, just incase you're looking for a back ground that is a little more personal, here is the web site: This lady makes layouts with scrapbook paper, then sets them up to use on the computer. I hope you find one that you like!

Doctor Appointment #1

Today was my first doctor's apt. I am thankful that it is over! I had so many crazy feelings going into it that I hardly could enjoy it. It wasn't a bad appointment, but I'm glad it's done! We got to the office about 10 minutes early. This was a huge accomplishment for a mama with two little ones! I am never early...... just ask Albert! :) So, we were early and I had all of my paper work filled out, I thought we'd be called back pretty quickly. The boys were both riding in our single stroller because our new double is not in yet. Now, the waiting room is a very large area with a couple of different play areas for the kiddos. I did not want Canon to get out though because I thought they would call us back any minute. 40 minutes later, and 30 minutes after my appointment time I finally was called back. I try to be understanding when at an OB apt. You never know what the hold up is. It might be a first time mom with a million questions or someone who wasn't doing so well this morning during the Dr.'s rounds and needed some extra time. Who knows? 30 minutes with no explanation was a little crazy though! Well, we make it back to the room and this new doctor is in the same hall that my Doctor for Bo was in. I felt right at home and was getting excited again. So, the nurse weighs me and all of that fun stuff, then goes over my history. Now, this is not a big deal and I am not really frustrated about it or anything, but I think she asked me every single question that I answered on the paper work that I brought with me..... completely filled out. What is the point of doing all of that twice???? I don't know, but the boys were getting grouchy by now. Bo was beyond tired and getting hungry and Canon did not want Bo to touch his back ANY MORE! He was making that quite obvious. Then the OB came in. She was so nice! I liked her right away, which was a huge relief. She decides to do a Pap and an internal ultra-sound. I'm not sure this appointment could have gotten much longer. She was trying to find the baby on the ultrasound and the boys are harmonizing with their whining and crying. It was a little loud in there. So, the main point of all of this is that it took the doctor several minutes to find the baby. When she did she said the dreaded, but not terrible words: "I don't think you're as far along as you think you are." "What?" was my response. "How could that be?" So, at this point I'm completely confused. She bumps me back two weeks and says my due date is April 17. There wasn't really any news that was too exciting except that I'll be tossing around the anticipation of the mayhem that comes with having three little ones for two more weeks. AAAAHHHHHHH I'm not sure I can take it! Maybe just keep us in your prayers on that one. I hope she will do another ultra sound at my next appointment and send us back to the date I originally thought. We'll see! I'll post about that in about 4 weeks!

Also, I was hoping to have some pics to post. But the one picture she printed is just a white line. I don't think there really is anything there. Maybe next time.

Happy Birthday to Canon cont.

I forgot to write about Canon's almost birthday party in my blog about him. I planned a little backyard fun party with some friends in our neighborhood. With his birthday being in August, I thought some fun in the water would be just perfect! Well, in the week leading up to his birthday, the weather took quite a turn from normal. We have not had rain all summer, but we had quite a bit all at once. One day the temp did not get above 65! On his actual birthday I don't think the temp got above 75, a little to cool for playing in the water. Also, the weekend before, the boys had a pretty nasty cold. So, with being stuck inside with the windows closed and all of our icky germs recirculating through our house, I canceled the party. I called one of Canon's (and my) grown up friends to see if she and her husband would like to stop by for some hot dogs and cake. They came and we had a nice birthday supper. Canon did not seem to mind or even notice that there was no big party. He was so excited (and still is) that there were "Happy Birthday Party" balloons taped to the ceiling that nothing else mattered!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Albert is on another deployment. He is safely in the States this go around, but that doesn't seem to help my longing for him. We were blessed to have him at home a couple more days than we originally thought and even after that he was still on base, just not at home, for a couple of days. We are very thankful for those extra days, but it is still hard to have him gone. We miss so many things about our "Daddy" while he is gone and long for the day when he comes home almost every weekend and can make pancakes every Saturday morning!

Never wake a sleeping baby!

I have always been told, "Never wake a sleeping baby!" Well, obviously our dog, Piper, does not know this rule. She was sleeping in the boy's room just a few moments ago and heard something that must have made her think she needed to defend us.......or she was just startled out of her sleep. Either situation, she barked, loud! And next thing I know, Baby Bo is crying. Never bark in a room where little one's are sleeping. In fact, she is fussed at for barking in the house when either of the boys are sleeping. I think he has finally drifted back off, but I am not happy about this!

Look who's 2!

Can you believe that my baby boy is 2 years old already? Well, his birthday was yesterday and while I meant to give him a tribute yesterday, some how the day slipped almost slipped away as well.....makes you wonder what's going on during our days. Any who, back to Canon.

The last week or so, I have not been able to help but think about the days leading up to Canon's birth. I remember thinking this baby would never come out and maybe we should try some sort of inducing. I remember the ultra-sound saying he was about 8 lbs. 11 oz. and wondering how in the world this baby was going to come out! The days were so hot, over 100 degrees every single day before his birth. I was ready to meet him.

Now it has already been 2 whole years. He is running and jumping and talking up a storm. He has turned into quite a little helper and quite a big brother! He loves his Daddy and misses him every moment they are apart. Canon is loving and joyful and easy to be around. He enjoys a little bit of snuggling and a lot of hugging and kissing. He is becoming a big boy by pottying on the toilet and sleeping in his bunk beds. (On the bottom of course.....he's not that big yet!) He also likes to ride in the back of the van and is always aware of everyone wearing their seat belts. We are so thankful and blessed to have this sweet little fireball in our family! We hope you are able to enjoy him the way that we do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Join the Club

We are officially joining the 3 under 3 club. 3 what under 3 you may be wondering. Well, 3 kiddos under 3 of course. Several of our friends are already members of this club and we will be joining next April! We are so excited to be members of this elite group. Our little boys are practicing their important jobs of being big brothers. Canon is teaching Bo everything he knows so that Bo will be just as excellent of a big brother. We can't wait to be a family of five.

I told Albert that this post will let us know who really reads our blog. We'd love to hear from you.

Good Morning

The Duckworth house is starting off with a wonderful morning this morning! The first good thing is that I slept like a rock last night. The last couple of nights it has taken me a couple of hours to fall asleep, then the boys were up by 6. Last night I fell asleep around 10:00 and slept soundly until 6:20 or so. Which is when Canon came walking in. I took him potty right away and his diaper was dry!!! We have not had a dry morning diaper in a while. A little bit later we were sending Albert off to work and saw a hummingbird fly by. I bought a hummingbird feeder in early spring, but have only put food in it once and it is in the back yard. So, it has not brought in any hummingbirds. Also in early spring, I was given several plants from other friend's gardens. One of them has really taken off and has these pretty little hot pink flowers on it. Obviously it is a hummingbird attractant and this morning it brought one in right in front of us! It was so exciting to see. And the final great thing to this morning is that Bo slept until 7:03 without waking up one time! This has never happened for him. He went to sleep last night at 7:30 and slept great. Maybe he needs the earlier bed time......who knows. Well, I hope your morning started out as great as ours did!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty training Cont.

A day or so after I posted the last blog about potty training, we went straight down hill. My mom and brother left and Canon hardly went potty in the toilet. It was very frustrating for me. Since then we have done much better. We decided that we would not worry about the toilet while in Texas, so I wasn't so proactive about taking him potty the last couple of days before we left. I still sat him on the potty a few times and he did well. One time he even said "poop", raised up the toilet seat, we put him on there, and he pooped! This gave me great hope. So, we did not use any underwear while in Texas, but we did take him potty frequently and he did an amazing job! Canon's not waking up dry in the mornings. I think he wakes up and lays there for a while. But he is almost always dry after naps. He wears underwear and a shirt around the house during the day. (Only when Daddy's gone.) And, wears a diaper at night. We still have a little ways to go, but he does enjoy watching himself potty.

Oh, one other quick story about potty training. Last night I was giving Canon a bath and trimmed his little rat tail. I just put the hair in the toilet for ease of cleanup. Then, I noticed a fly flopping around on the ground. So, I squashed him and put him or her in the toilet. After Canon's bath I sat him on the toilet and he thought it was quite fun to try to spray the fly. I couldn't help but laugh. Maybe we'll work on standing at some point......I'm just not that brave yet!

Steam Roller

Bo is rolling like crazy. I am starting to wonder if he will start crawling any time soon. He can get anywhere he needs to go by rolling, so why work on crawling? Yesterday he rolled from the blanket to the back door twice, then he rolled from the blanket, around the corner and was kicking the coat closet door. If you have ever seen our house, you know this was not an easy task! Some of Bo's other tricks are sitting up, eating solid foods, and getting himself to sleep. He's getting so big!

Busy Days

You know you had a busy day when you are brushing your teeth the next morning and you wonder if you even brushed your teeth the day before. Yes, this happened to me. We went to Texas this past weekend and all toiletries were packed. On Monday I got up and got right to work. Tuesday morning I was looking for the Listerine when I noticed that it was still in the bag. Meaning I had not used it the morning before. Then I noticed that my toothbrush was also still in the bag. Did I forget to brush my teeth on Monday? I guess I did. Albert was out of town, so there was no one to tell me. Oh, well. I brushed extra long on Tuesday to make up for the mistake!

Canon also got a good brushing on Tuesday due to a skipped cleaning on Monday! :)