Thursday, October 22, 2009


In the last few weeks before our big move, we have been trying to visit all of our close friends around the area. Kim and her trio came down a couple of weeks ago and spent the day with us
We met Kim and Chris when we were in pilot training. She and I met at the gym every morning around 6:30 for about a month before she was due with her first son. I will never forget the second morning that she was a no-show and Luke arrived. We have been blessed with many more memorable moments and I treasure her friendship. I'm so thankful for her willingness to come for a visit and the great times we have had together. Our families have grown quite a bit since we first met!

Last Saturday we traveled a little ways and visited a couple of other families. One family used to live right down the street from us. We first met them when we bought our dog, Piper, from them. We watched Pipen, Piper's mom, a few times for them and really enjoyed their friendship. They are now at the training base just north of us.

Next up were the Ss. We first met Travis and Lisa when we were in pilot training. They were in the same small group as the Rs and us. I am thoroughly enjoyed their friendship and wish we had more time together. Our kiddos really got along well and we loved getting to see their new home. Our baby girls are just 3 weeks apart in age. Neither of us were due in March, yet both of us delivered then! What a special family.

Last but not least is a local family. We spent quite a bit of time together while I was pregnant with Piddle and teaching a couple of dance classes in their attic, but we haven't had much time together recently. On Tuesday we went over to the K's and spent the whole day with them. Kerstin has not me immeasurable things about house keeping, home making, modesty, biblical worldview, parenting, wifedom, the list is endless. I am so thankful for her friendship and her family's love of our family. They are the only ones who visited us in the hospital after every single one of our babies were born. I hope the miles do not weaken our friendship. Some of these pics are old, but they will do.

These two little girls are two little mamas in training! They love Piddle and are great helpers will all three of my kiddos.

These are our two youngest boys helping us bake bread. Josiah and Widdle are birds of a feather.

All of these families have been such a blessing to me and my family. I hope they need a trip to the beach and we are able to visit with each other along the journey God has for us.

The gang's all here

While I was cooking dinner and talking on the phone tonight, Widdle entertained himself. I am still in shock. He and Waddle usually stand within 3 inches of me every moment that I am in the kitchen. When dinner was just about done, Widdle came in and asked Waddle to come and see what he made. To my surprise he built this "house".The green pillow and the one underneath is are tool boxes and the smaller pillow on the right is the door to the house. On the left side of the toolbox is the back yard. He was very proud of this creation and I was quite impressed myself!
After all of the birthday pics I had to try a picture of my trio. I haven't tried one in a while and none of my previous attempts turned out very well. I got this picture in one shot! Maybe they each need a little something to play with in order for them to look at the camera, but I am glad all of their eyes are looking in the right direction. Don't they look like fun? I sure do love these little ones.

22 months old

This little guy......

is 22 months old today. I really cannot believe how fast the time has gone. He is developing such a fun personality. He love to be silly and try to jump. He love playing peek-a-boo and grabbing Daddy's hat. He enjoys wrestling, being tickled, helping me cook and tasting anything that comes from the kitchen. Waddle is such a fun member of our family. I cannot imagine our family without him. Widdle loves to protect and bully him. Piddle loves to laugh at him and enjoys his protection. We all laugh daily because of our sweet Waddle.

I can't help but think of the day he was born. I laughed within seconds of his birth. What a joy and a blessing he has been in my life. Happy 22 month birthday Waddle!

7 months old

This little lady is 7 months old today.
She is doing all sorts of things. Piddle can roll all over the living room. She prefers to have another person in sight. She can sit up for a short while. She LOVES watching her brothers and really enjoys when they play with her. She likes the dogs. She has her Daddy wrapped around her little tiny pinky. She does not like baby food.

Piddle is such a joy and I am so thankful to have her in our family. I can not believe she is 7 months old already. When her birthday rolls around, I always think of the day before and the day she was born. What an adventure. I am so thankful that God saw fit for our boys to learn how to protect and treat a lady by giving them a sister. What a blessing she is!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Social Saturday

For those of you who have tried to hang out with us at all over the last three years, you know that we are not the most social. Albert has been gone more then half the time we have been in OKC and his time at home has been very protected. Last Saturday we had ourselves a bit of a social marathon! Around 8:30 Albert went for a bike ride with one of our newer neighbors, T. They got back around 9:40. Around 10:00 the fire trucks drove by for their annual Fire Truck Parade to kick off fire safety week. We were looking forward to this parade all week and all morning! At 10:30 Piddle and I went to the farmer's market with T's wife, J. We girls got home around 1:30 and Albert reminded me that some other friends were coming over at 2:00. M and A along with baby A visited for about an hour and a half, then headed off. T and J came over around 6:00 for dinner. T had to do some work stuff and left at 7:30. J hung out with us until nearly 10:00. I know that some of you are in shock that we were up that late..... We are trying to maximize our time left in the mid-west. We had a fun, full day!