Friday, June 6, 2008


I have moved several times in my life, and there is always a list of things I miss about the place I have just left. Oklahoma City wind will not be missed! It has been extremely windy here for the last few days. After the third day, I decided that if we did not go for a walk in the wind, we might never walk again. And out the door we went. It was horrible. While walking with the wind, I felt like I had no control over the stroller. While walking against the wind, I thought we might take flight at any moment. Recycling bins were flying down the street. I wanted to stop them, but with a double stroller who's brakes do not hold tight, and a dog who is afraid of being hit by a bin, I was able to do little good. Once we got home, I had to shower again. I could feel the dirt in my teeth and my body would not cool off.

Then, to make things even better, severe weather rolled in for the evening. Oh, I like that even more than the wind! I felt sick to my stomach and just wanted to put my head in the ground and let it all go away. That is not the best approach being the only one in the house who can make any decisions to protect us.

Well, obviously we survived, but I am hoping another storm will not blow in for another 16 months...........only 16 months to go.............only 16 months to go.

Green Balls

I have done a terrible job of getting Canon to eat vegetables. I have recently decided that V8 is a good alternative. I am not sure that any Pediatrician or Nutritionist would back me up on this, but a mom has to do what a mom has to do. Well, the other day we went to a friend's house for the morning and while we were there, we ate lunch. She made a delicious Enchilada casserole and peas for the kiddos. I decided that Canon should only have a few (5-6) so that we did not waste many. I did not think he would even touch the peas. I asked him to try the green balls on his plate, and he ate every single one. I could not believe my eyes. I tried to give him some more later that day and he would have nothing to do with them. At least I know he will eat them though!

So, they say it's your birthday....

This past Wednesday was my birthday. Albert's birthday was on Tuesday. I love my birthday, but I hate spending it alone. On Tuesday, the boys and I went over to a friends house to help her settle her kitchen in. When I arrived, I noticed that the table was set for a birthday party, but thought nothing of it. Her oldest child's birthday was the week before. So, I just thought they left the decor up for a few days after. A little ways into our work she mentioned lunch and that they had a birthday party set up for me. I almost cried. That was the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me in a while. She baked a cookie cake, lite a candle and sang "Happy Birthday." What more could a girl want? I had a great time and will always remember my special party.

I am hoping that Albert will be home for our birthdays next year. He was gone last year, this year and as of right now will be gone next year as well. I told him that when we are not together for our birthdays, we do not get any older. Therefore, I am still 22 and Albert is 25. Those are good ages to stay for a little while!