Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cycling through life

The other day I was checking out a few different websites and one of them had the most interesting advertisement on it. I have not been able to get it off my mind. Please let me know your thoughts on this.... especially you other women!

The add says "Cycling Naturally Through Life." I'm completely fine with that part. Under this is a three person bicycle. In the front is a young, thin woman, who is very stylishly dressed and has a very modern hair style. Behind her is a pregnant woman with a similar hair style and clothing style to the first woman, very chic. Then it seems to all go down hill. The last woman has a funky (not in the cool sense of the word) hair style, wide hips and jeans that come up to her true waist with her shirt tucked in tightly. Does this mean that we can be cool and "with it" through pregnancy, then we turn into "mom jean" wearers?? I don't think so! I will not be getting my hair cut in a way that has to be teased and I will not be wearing jeans that come up to my waist and tucking my shirt in to reveal all of my loose skin any time soon! Just because we have babies doesn't mean we let ourselves go. Can't we go back to the girl in front, just with looser belly skin?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Bo

I'm not sure who has given my baby boy permission to grow up, but whoever it is is in big trouble!

Bo is changing so much. He has really started jabbering and responding to people talking to him. He rolls everywhere. Today he started the first steps to crawling, pushing up on his legs. He might be a "bear crawler." He loves food. We can hardly eat with this little guy around. For example, I was eating some dessert at the Commander's Picnic on Friday and Bo thought he'd really like to try some. So, he just reached out his little hand, grabbed the plate and flipped our tasties all over himself and me. I could hardly stop laughing! It's so amazing to see these little ones grow so quickly. I wish I could remember every single thing!

The Adventures of Potty Training

Yes, we have embarked on the adventure of potty training again. This time it is going much better. We have taken Canon potty right when he wakes up in the morning and after naps for a while, but we have just recently really gotten serious. While my mom was here, we transitioned to underwear. This has been a little nerve racking for me, but has gone surprisingly well. Canon does not tell us he needs to go potty, but he goes almost every time he is on the toilet, wakes up dry in the morning and from naps, and stays dry (for the most part) between potty breaks. I have to be more diligent about taking him throughout the day, but he is doing much better than a few months ago when we tried! I'm hoping he'll be completely trained by Christmas, or his birthday in 4 weeks!


The last few months have been very crazy around here. We've done a little traveling and had some company. My brother spent almost 5 weeks with us. While he was here, Canon learned all kinds of new things. This morning he revealed one of his new tricks to us. He gets in the "running" stance. For him this is one leg stretched out in front of the other, hands in fists and elbows bent. He then shouts "un, two, three, running!" I'm sure you can guess what happens next, then he runs through the house or around the playground. There have been a couple of times that he has started to run, stopped, taken the stance, and shouted his alert. Hopefully he'll keep this up long enough for Albert's family to see it next weekend!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still here.....

So much has happened since my last post, I am not sure if I should give a quick over view or start fresh.... Well, for those of you who are curious, I'll give a BRIEF overview. I hope you enjoy it.

Albert got home from supporting the war on terror on June 12th. We had a small group of friends greet him at the airport and our home was decorated for a party. We were so happy to see him! That was on a Thursday. The following Tuesday we took our first family flight to Pensacola, FL. The boys were amazing travelers. Albert and I sat across the aisle from each other on one flight, which was pretty fun. We traded boys during our layover, and the one I had slept on each flight. So, Albert wanted the opposite for the return flight. Our trip was jam packed and went by way too fast. We were able to visit with a few close friends and were able to see a little bit of my extended family. We also got to dip the boy's toes in the Gulf! It was a little strange to go to the beach with my family. I used to go there looking for a guy to drag down the aisle and force to have a family with was much more relaxing this time around!

We flew back home the next Tuesday, the 24th, and brought my brother, Ryan, home with us. Later that same day we took the plunge into parenthood and bought a van. I will not call it a "mini-van" because it is more like a a luxury car! And yes, having two children certainly makes you a parent, but a van really cashes in your cool card! I still refuse to wear "mom jeans" though. I have to stay "cool" in some area of my life.

So, we got home on Tuesday and bought the van. On Wed. Albert became a real student and we finally got him a laptop. On Friday we drove up the Nebraska for a "boy's weekend". We were loving our van then! At one point, near Wichita, there were three Honda's all in a little clump. I told Albert that we should have a sign saying something about being a part of the same club.....haha, I know, don't say it!

After a very short trip, we headed home on Sunday, stopped by our house in Enid, and crashed back to our corner of the world. Albert went back to work on Monday and has been crazy busy ever since. As I mentioned, he has started his first seminary class and we are both learning a lot. He is also working on becoming qualified for a new role in the aircraft, which is causing him to fly quite a bit. And tonight they are having a small issue with the jet and will be spending the night away.

The last month has really been crazy. Canon has fully recovered from his black eye and is now enjoying trying out new tricks on his bunk beds. Bo had his 6 month apt. on July 1 and only gained 6 oz. since his 4 month apt. We used formula for a little bit, but we are both doing well again. Did you know there are 120 calories in the chicken and chicken gravy baby food? And it is just a little jar!!!

My big "activity" for the week is that I got the house clean today! This is no small feat with an eight year old, almost two year old and six month old boy running around. But, it feels great to have it done. I guess that's all for now and I'll try to do better, but no promises.