Friday, March 28, 2008

Dad always said....

"Don't run on the concrete." That is the one thing I remember my dad always shouting at us as little kids. I knew why he said it then, but I can really appreciate it now.

While waiting for our friend to come over last night, Albert and C flew a kite out front. C was running to stand by Albert and did a face plant on the drive way. He came up with a busted lip and a scraped knee. We ran him inside and got him cleaned up. Teething rings come in handy for more than just new teeth. I offered C some "ice" for his lip and he was smiling within a few seconds. Now, any time I open the freezer or he bumps into something, he says "ice."


One of C's favorite words is "ut-oh." He says this any time something is out of place, broken, a cover up for something he did on purpose. Last Friday night we had a big "ut-oh" moment.

C and B woke up around 12:30am. I went in and got them both back to sleep. Within a few minutes they were both up again. So Albert and I both went in. C was standing in the middle of his bed and said, "ut-oh." Albert told him that is was OK and to lay back down, that's when he noticed something was wrong. C had thrown up all over his bed. We assured him that is was OK, got him in the bath, sheets changed, and in the wash all at 1 o'clock in the morning. The next day was spent lounging around. Daddy and C both took two naps. Daddy spent the night laying beside C's bed to make sure everything was OK and to keep him covered. Thankfully C never ran more than a low grade fever and was feeling better for church on Sunday.

Albert was definitely the hero that night/day!

Friends and Family

Another update from Albert. His first college roommate has just been stationed at our base. He came over for dinner last night and we had a great time hanging out with him. While they are different rank, branch and position, it will be great to have someone familiar close by.

We haven't been too lonely the last couple of months though. Albert's brother-in-law, Dustin has been in OKC for air traffic control school.

We have really enjoyed having someone to hang out with and burn some of C's energy. It seems to be bitter-sweet. Making us homesick and thankful to have some company.


So, I am few weeks late on this, but better late than never. Albert has been accepted into the Southern Evangelical Seminary. We were both very excited about his acceptance, but he is now looking into applying with another school. So, I will update you further on that as things change. I am proud of him for being accepted into a Master's program though!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun survey from MySpace

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Bodily Fluids

I am opening myself up for more laughter...enjoy!

Today was quite the day for bodily fluid. Around lunch time I was throwing the ball for Piper. Every time she brought the ball back she would drop it on the run, so it would roll into my legs and leave a nice stream of slobber and leaves. Later, I was dumping a dirty diaper into a toilet that C already pottied in. This caused a bit of a nasty splash. Next we come to C pushing our trashcan off of the dresser, causing dirty diapers and wipes to fall to the floor....thus bringing a bit of poo out into the open that needed to be picked up. And yet there is more, I burped B to get him ready for bed, and he spit up straight on my mouth....Can it get any dirtier around here??? And God sends a blessing. I was praying for C before bed, confessing sin and praying for the boy's future, and a tear streamed down my face. Upon saying "amen," C looked at my face and said, "uh-oh." He reached his chunky little finger out and wiped my tear away. A sweet ending to a dirty day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, I know that most of my blogs are about the boys, but I had a crazy situation yesterday that I am sure will bring a few laughs your way.

We have been in great need of more bookshelf space. So, yesterday I decided that I would go to Target, buy a bookshelf, and that would be my project after the boys went to bed. So, we loaded up and went to Target. The whole time I was trying to brainstorm a way that I was going to make the cart work. I ended up putting C in the front and B in the back, in his car seat. I figured that I would find a place for the bookshelf when I found the bookshelf. And we're off. I find the bookshelves down and aisle and about 3 1/2 feet off the ground. I thought to myself, "these can't be too heavy since they are up so high." I could not have been more wrong! I leaned the shelf towards me and it still did not seem too heavy. Now, keep in mind that 3 1/2 feet off the ground is about shoulder height for me. So, I slid the box to the edge of the shelf and proceeded to lean it more towards me. Little did I know that as soon as the store shelf started supporting it, it would become very heavy and fall on my face. I seemed to catch the bookshelf with my left cheek bone, then slide it down my body to the floor. Previous to arriving at Target, C's hat hit me in the left eye while I was putting him in the car, and my eye watered the whole way to Target. So, between being hit in the eye and catching a bookshelf with my cheekbone, the left side of my face has been a little sore today. Each time I rub my eye my cheek hurts....thankfully it isn't black and blue, but I am ready for the shine and swelling to go away!

After getting some help to get the bookshelf in the car and getting it home, I noticed a little sticker that said "This item is a two team lift." That would have been nice to know before dropping it on my face. The bookshelf is now complete and adds some great storage for several more books!

Special Visitor

My sister came to visit us this past weekend. She has not been out to our house since C was born, and I had some major reservations about her visit. It turns out that I could not have been more wrong in my thoughts of what the weekend would look like. We had an amazing time. Albert is out of town and she served as my "right-hand man" the whole weekend. It was truly a blessing to have her in our home and I can't wait to see her again!

Living in the bathroom

I have decided to start potty training C. I know that it is a little early, but we are at a fork in the road with our cloth diapers. I can either buy a bigger size or get him in underwear. C is doing a great job so far. We have had several "potties" in the toilet and a couple of poops. I was asking him if he needed to "teetee" in the toilet, then he started calling his friend, Steven, "teetee." So, I'm am trying to not confuse him and just ask him if he needs to "potty" all day long. He is not communicating to me that he does need to go, but he has great satisfaction in the crazy dance that I do for him when he does go. I am thinking of starting a potty chart that he can put stickers on, but I have to take the time to actually make it. Today I gave him a sticker each time he pottied, but he pealed it off and tried to eat hopefully a chart along with my dancing will work!

I am excited to have C using the toilet, but I have been surprised by the amount of time we have spent in the bathroom. Today was a little less, as I am starting to be able to tell if I am too late, or if going is a possibility. I think right now his success is based on my timing. Hopefully that will change soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

C loves to help. If we are changing a light bulb, he is standing on the ladder. If we are cleaning up the back yard, he is helping to spot the poo.....this one can be dangerous! If we are hanging pictures on the wall, he is searching for his hammer or finding the real hammer shortly after we are done. Today I moved our living room furniture around and C tried out his muscles on pushing the couch. He was not successful today, but I am sure that it will not take him long.

On Saturday, we decided to clean up the back yard. C was an excellent helper. He is very particular about how he wants to help, but he wants to be involved. I was throwing sticks over the fence while C and Albert were carrying them to the pile. C wanted each stick handed to him, he did not want to pick them up himself. Then he would carry them to the pile and make sure that each one was in it's correct place. We can't wait to see how meticulous he will be as he gets older and has more refined motor skills! I expect that his room will always be clean and his clothes will always be put away.......or so I hope!


This last weekend, my dad visited us for a couple of days. We have not seen him in over a year, so we definitely enjoyed our time together. C loves making everyone laugh, but he especially loves to bring a smile to his grandparent's faces. My dad was eating this up! While "Pawpaw" was in town, C started to say "amen." This was quite exciting for all of us and "Pawpaw" took every opportunity to show his new skill off.

Another special moment for the boys came after my dad left. C was playing with his Parent's Choice phone and a message from my dad played. It said, "I'm gonna get that belly." The first time C heard it he just looked at me, a little confused. Then he made it play again and raised up his shirt to make the game a little easier.

It is bitter-sweet to have family come to visit. We love seeing them and sharing our little ones with them. It just seems to make it that much harder to be away from them when they leave.

My sister will be coming in town tomorrow....we haven't seen her in over a year either. We should have a great time!

Back to the bubbles

These bubbles truly are amazing. We blew bubbles one day this last week, and two days later I found a bubble in B's crib! I have never seen a bubble last that long.

Along these same lines....but pretty much totally different.....On Monday, we woke up to huge snow flakes blowing around our back yard. I was trying to get C to notice them and say "snow." Instead, he walked around the living room saying "bubbles......bubbles." It always makes me smile to see his interpretation of things. The snow flakes did look like bubbles that morning though!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Does anyone else have crazy weather in their state? On Saturday, it was 75 degrees, we washed the car and spent most of the day outside. Sunday morning was very overcast, but it was still 45 degrees or so. Sunday afternoon, Albert called and told me to turn the TV to channel 5 and leave it there. It looked like some bad weather was coming our way. Little did I know that I would nearly have heart failure or throw up from this crazy weather. I spent a good portion of the evening watching the news and tracking the storm. Thankfully there was not any tornadic activity. But the worse part of the storm did pass about a mile north of us. I have never been so nervous about a thunder storm! This morning I told Albert that we can leave Oklahoma as soon as possible. I am not sure how many of these things I can handle!