Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's time to weigh in

I just finished watching "The Biggest Loser." As most of you know, we do not have cable and do not watch much tv. But this is a show that I enjoy and have learned some tips from for my family. Albert and I have joked about finding a way for a large amount of money to fall from the sky for us. A couple of months ago, I told him that I had the perfect plan. He could gain about 150 pounds, then go on "The Biggest Loser" and win. Of course that isn't going to happen......I don't think he could gain that much weight if he tried......but it would be fun to win a quarter of a million dollars.

The real weight story for today has to do with C and B. We had a doctor's appointment this morning and C weighed in at 29 1/2 lbs while B weighed 12lbs 12 oz. B is actually in the 50th percentile.....C has never been that small. His size comes with strength. Today he carried around a 5 lb medicine ball and he has moved several cement blocks that are in our back yard. We are starting his work out plan early! The best news from the doctor today was that C does not have an ear infection and he doesn't have to get any more shots for 2 1/2 years! B, on the other hand, will be receiving shots again in a couple of months. Let's just say, that is not his favorite thing to receive.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


OK, this is the last blog for the night, and the reason that I decided to start this blog. C is discovering new things every day and it is so fun to watch! A couple of weeks ago we went to "Story time" at the Moore library and the lady had some amazing bubbles. When Granny came to visit we were sure to pick up our own bottle of bubbles to enjoy. These bubbles are pretty cool. They come with a special wand that blows tons of little bubbles without causing the blower to hyperventilate. Also, they will stay on the carpet, table, couch, etc. for hours and hours. So, tonight C was asking for the bubbles, and while I was blowing, he was laying on his bed and walking around his room directing me to where we needed some more. Then he walked around and popped several of them....I think it would be impossible for him to pop all of them. The other day we were blowing them and Piper, our dog, was eating them out of the air. C thinks this is especially fun, so he eats them off of his sleeve when they land there. So, if you are looking for some good, indoor fun, head to Gymboree for their bubbles and wand set...they are the best!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


You may know that we have previously had a blog. Albert wrote in it and tried to keep everyone informed with the activities of our family and the things he was discovering through study. I considered just writing in his blog, but considering the fact that it has been dormant for almost two years, I thought maybe a fresh blog would work best.

So, hopefully this blog will help us keep in touch with all of the people that we care about without us having to write or tell every story 10,000 times. Also, many things happen day to day and I forget about them when I am on the phone. So, please enjoy and comment as often as possible!

Military Wife survey

I received this survey through "myspace" today and thought it would be a great way to start out this blog.

1.How long have you been a Military Wife?3 years and 3 months

2. How many deployments have you gone through?Several, none have been longer than a month, but we've had a couple gone for a month home for two weeks.....that will be changing soon

3. What do you like about being a Military Wife?Nothing is jumping out at me.....but I love supporting my husband supporting our freedom

4. Do you live on base?Yep, it's the safest place to live around here

5. What is your favorite base so far?Vance AFB in Enid, OK-mainly because of our friends there

6.What's the hardest part of the military life?having to be so flexible and not being able to plan anything

7.Do you go to the grocery store or commissary?commissary of course

8. Do you prefer Dress Blues or Dress Whites?whites

9.Do you have a lot of Military Wife friends?yep, I hardly have any friends who are not military wives

10. Do you prefer wal-mart or the BX/PX?Target, wal-mart never has what I want and the BX doesn't have quality stuff here

11. So how did your Husband propose?I went over to his house, actually his friend Joe's house, to pick him up and bring dinner to my friend who was pregnant and on bed rest. When he opened the door, he bear hugged me and walked me backwards to a chair sitting in the living room. He proceeded to wash my feet and read me Proverbs 31. Then he popped the question!

12.Did you marry him after he joined or before?After, he was already committed to 8 years after he got his wings when I married him.

13.How long have you two been together?4 and 1/2 years

14. Any kids yet?Two little boys

15. Any kids yet to come?Hopefully so, we are talking about looking into adoption for the next little one, then having a couple more of our own....we'll have to see what God has planned

16. Is your husband one of those (I am army hear me "HOOAH"/ I am Marine Corps hear me "OOHRAH") kind of guys?nope, he works hard and is a great leader, but he can separate himself from the military for a little while

17.Have you ever done combatives with your husband?nope

18. How many bases have you lived at?Three together, he's been stationed at four and was at the first base when we met

19. If you could change one thing about the military what would it be?If they could give me six months planned out at a time, and not change it, I'd be happy

20.Do you like military balls?We haven't been to one yet

21.Where does your family live?Mine is in Pensacola and Louisiana. Albert's family is in Colorado and Texas

22.Do you have a job?full time defender of the home front

23. Have you ever gotten in a fight with a CPO's wife?we call them COWs, and no.....that would not look good for my husband

24. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone?My heart skips every time the phone rings, hoping it's him

25.Do you think other wives do that too?yep, I'm pretty sure they

Hopefully this will give you a little glimpse into the military world, if you are not already a part of it!