Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two nights ago

Thursday night around 8:00 we received a phone call from Albert's squadron wondering if we were safe. Safe from what? we wondered. The girl on the other end informed us that a city that marries up to the base was on fire. WHAT? We turned on the news immediately and found a huge wild fire about 5 miles east of us. Apparently it started burning around 2:00 pm. At the time we started tuning in, they estimated 50-100 homes completely engulfed in flames. The fires were so hot and so numerous that the fire department had to just stand by and watch them burn. It was too windy to use helicopters and the water buckets, then night swept in.  I'm not sure of the number of homes that were burned, or the final survey of the damage, but yesterday the news reported that these fires were set intentionally by a few teenagers. This fire stretched 10 miles and completely destroyed everything in it's path. My jaw dropped when I heard that it was started on purpose. 

I don't have any deep thoughts to share on the matter, just sadness for the families and thankfulness for God's grace. This is what we all deserve because of our sin, remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Yet God sees fit to save us from completely destroying ourselves. What an amazing God we serve!

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Kim said...

Thanks for the update. I did think of you guys & wonder how things were going with all the reported fires down there.

Also, I love the new family pic on your blog. It's an awesome picture of all of you! What a good looking family and sweet on top of that!