Thursday, October 22, 2009

The gang's all here

While I was cooking dinner and talking on the phone tonight, Widdle entertained himself. I am still in shock. He and Waddle usually stand within 3 inches of me every moment that I am in the kitchen. When dinner was just about done, Widdle came in and asked Waddle to come and see what he made. To my surprise he built this "house".The green pillow and the one underneath is are tool boxes and the smaller pillow on the right is the door to the house. On the left side of the toolbox is the back yard. He was very proud of this creation and I was quite impressed myself!
After all of the birthday pics I had to try a picture of my trio. I haven't tried one in a while and none of my previous attempts turned out very well. I got this picture in one shot! Maybe they each need a little something to play with in order for them to look at the camera, but I am glad all of their eyes are looking in the right direction. Don't they look like fun? I sure do love these little ones.


Lisa said...

What a great picture of the 3 of them! I love the house Canon made too...very creative!

Cathy said...

Canon did a great job on the house. If I every decide to build a new house, I'll hire Canon. Your three little ones are so cute. Love, Nan