Thursday, December 3, 2009

Never run out of this!

A while back the littles and I were grocery shopping and I was telling Widdle how important it will be for him to go grocery shopping for his wife. I like to talk to the littles about what fruit and veggies should look like. Widdle often helps me pick our apples and bananas. As we headed to the toiletry aisle I told Widdle that you can never have too much toilet paper. If you go grocery shopping for your wife, just go ahead and pick it up. It doesn't go bad and you'll use it eventually.

Now that Albert has checked in at work, he is doing our grocery shopping. He drives past 7 or more grocery and super centers and we only have one car. While I do enjoy going to W@l-mart at 6:30 on Saturday morning, it is nice to save ourselves a little gas and Albert hit the stores on his way home. This week he went to the store and found everything on the list. He called about a couple of things, but I should have been more specific. He did great. I was struggling BIG time with giving up control over the buying of the food, but he was totally calm about it. And I am thankful.

The trouble came this morning when I quickly realized that I hadn't put everything on the list. You guessed it, toilet paper was not on the list and therefore it could not be picked up. When I go grocery shopping I glance down each aisle and try to visualize the items on the aisle, what I have at home and the quantity remaining. The last time I went I remember thinking about the TP and thinking, "Oh, we have plenty. I think we have an open pack in each bathroom." Well, it appears that I was right. We had an open, well used pack in each bathroom and today I can see the cardboard roll in each bathroom. I do not have a vehicle and I don't know my neighbors well enough and I'd be embarrassed to haul me three littles over and ask for a roll. This predicament has been making me laugh and drink little all day!

I almost did this to us when we were moving. We had about a week left and an almost full roll in each bathroom so I packed the rest. As the rolls got thinner and thinner with a few days to go, I realized I should buy some more. Rather, I realized that I shouldn't have packed the rest. Obviously I need to do some figuring on how long it takes us to go through a roll of toilet paper. My ideal timeline of usage seems to be off!

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Lisa said...

You can always use baby wipes if you're desperate! Travis is at Walmart right now getting groceries and he's already called me 3 times. He enjoys grocery shopping and I love it when he does it!