Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Try again

Many times since I've started this blog, I've thought it would be fun to write a post every day. Obviously I have not had much success since it has been nearly a month since my last post and about a month since my post before that. So here I am again, no reminders please!

The days have been full, as they always are. Today we had MOPS. I have several back post that I hope to write about on days that are less than exciting, but today was exciting enough. Have you ever had a day when your first thoughts are, "We just need to get this one thing done." Then, as time goes on you might think, "well, maybe I can squeeze in this errand since we'll be out anyway." "Oh and I need some things for that dish I'm supposed to bring Thursday night, maybe we'll stop by the grocery store too." That was me this morning. My minimum requirement (set by myself) was to leave for MOPS at 8:40. This gave me a 10 minute buffer for leaving on time and should allow me to leave early. CJ nursed around 6:30, so I just went ahead and got him dressed rather than laying him down again. The boys were up at 7:00, so I dressed them right away. At one point every one's teeth were brushed and shoes were on, so I checked the time, 8:20. Wow, we had plenty of time until we needed to leave. I packed some snacks and started moving everyone to the mini. I ran back inside to change CJ's diaper, then buckled him into the mini. I ran in again to grab O's mini bag of diapers and such. I remembered that I did have my wallet, so we left the driveway, 8:49, still in my time window for being on time. About 5 minutes down the road I realized that I did not have our checkbook. I needed to pay for Christmas shirts today. Time hack: 9:00. I turned around as quickly as I could, made it back to the house by 9:04 and back to the spot we turned around at by 9:10. Not bad, but there was no way we'd be on time. I had to couch myself through, "it is better to be late than get a speeding ticket or kill yourself in a car accident. Forget about the drawing and drive the speed limit and relax." My self talk worked pretty well, so I did a time hack when I reached the single lane construction; 9:20. If I only had to get myself there on time, I might be able to make it for the drawing, but there was no way I was going to be able to drive 6 miles and check 3 children into their classes and be on time. And I wasn't, but we had a good morning (except for that part where CJ pooped all over himself and had to wear the ugly diaper bag outfit and totally squash any image I was trying to portray) and I was able to stay calm and refrain from treating my children like cattle. Move, hurry up, this way guys.

Our speaker spoke perfectly about my life. Her title was Live, Laugh, Love. The Lord whispered to me, back in OKC to live life with my children rather than just survive. This pops into my mind almost daily. Laugh. This is something that I don't do nearly enough and I am often challenged with. It isn't that there isn't a lot happening that I can laugh over, it is simply that I don't. Usually I become frustrated at the childish act rather than laughing. Love. This is a journey that I feel like always has room for improvement. One of the things she pointed out was that even terribly abused children love their parents and will fight to stay with them. I am still chewing on this. I feel like my responsibility as a parent to show my children how the Father loves them is crucial. Maybe my asking their forgiveness, talk and physical affection is what is really penetrating them. I don't think their faithful love for me gives me the leeway to act in a way that is unloving to them though. To be honest, I wish she linked love directly to how God loves us. To how Christ is the example that I am to follow as a parent. He was sacrificial, steadfast, faithful, forgiving, discipler. I am to love my children in this same way. Now that is something that I can work towards.


Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

Oh I wish I had gone! What a beautiful reflection!

Your antics to get out the door cracked me up- especially the part about treating your children like cattle!

You are a wonderful Mom and an inspiration to be around! We love you!

lindsayw4 said...

Love this post! Live, laugh and love are three things I should be doing more. Looking forward to your daily posts!

Lisa said...

I can so relate, especially to how long it takes to get out the door. I am always amazed at how long it takes just to walk to the car! I like that philosophy-- live, laugh, love. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing! As always, you brightened my day.