Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pensacola in a nutshell

Now that I've given your eyes some time to rest, I blast you with all of the updates from the past few weeks. 

We survived our second road trip and are back at home. I must commend my dad, any person who would willingly subject himself to 15 hours in a van with two toddlers - one potty training and one teething, a pregnant lady and two dogs - big dogs, is very brave. While at my parent's house, Albert and I determined that it would benefit Piper greatly to have a friend. With that, Cheyenne came home with us. She is a 75 lb golden retriever/lab mix. She is very sweet and very goofy. She has the same temperament as Piper, but quite a silly personality. The boys and I are really enjoying having her. (Piper is too!) As soon as we got on the road I started to question our decision. She likes to bark randomly and very loud! Barking is her way of communicating EVERYTHING, and we are having some submission issues. Also, she forgot to pack the one thing I told her to remember- her winter coat. This is where most of the barking comes into play. She does not enjoy laying outside in the cool breeze and therefore barks until I let her in. She will adjust though and we are happy to have her.

Our trip to Pensacola went well. I am thankful the boys were able to spend so much time with my parents and equally thankful that so much extended family traveled over to meet and visit with the boys. Cousin Kylar, my sister's baby, fits right in with the rest of the boys. He is quite a cutie and snuggler! I don't think you can ever snuggle too much with a newborn. 

I think that about wraps up our trip to Pensacola. We were able to visit with several friends but did not get to see everyone. Hopefully we will have more time with everyone in the coming year!

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Lisa said...

Addison loved the video of the dogs! She kept saying, "those are the noisy dogs!"