Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Older

Albert and I celebrated our birthdays last week. Well, there wasn't much celebrating as he worked 12 hours on his birthday and 14 hours on my birthday, or visa-versa...... I can't remember now. Either way, we are older now and have had a variety of ailments ever since the occasions. 

Albert has suffered with a pinched nerve or something similar in his back. It actually made him med-down for a few days. Then he slammed his knee into the wall on accident two days ago and the pain seems to be lingering longer then it should. Yesterday he had a tightness/weird pain in his chest.

I have had some very strange situations with my gut. I'm not really sure what the problem is. I'm trying a lactose free diet and am now at the end of the second full day. Can I just say that I miss cheese and milk! And granola with yogurt!! I hope lactose is not the problem, but I seem to be a bit better. Until this morning. The pack and I went for a walk and my gut was feeling a little off, but that's been the norm the last few weeks. So, we finished up the walk and came home, fed the girls their breakfast, fed Olivia and I started feeling worse. I laid on the floor for a few minutes and felt like I could push through. We headed to the park and I thought I'd just sit in the shade and watch the boys..... which I never do! After about ten minutes I told Canon we were going to leave soon. He assured me that I would feel better at the park. About two minutes later I asked him to put his helmet on, we had to go. Boaz was not so convinced that I was feeling horrible and he wandered around a bit more. I pushed the stroller over to him and realized that I did not have time to get home before getting sick. So, if you are at the park that we always go to and notice a bit of throw up in the grass, don't be grossed out, you've been warned. I felt a bit better after throwing up and we made it home. The boys watched movies the rest of the morning. Thankfully Albert was able to make it home for lunch and put the boys down for their naps. They finished up a movie after naps and Albert was home again. Currently they are playing in a new pool in the back yard and I am starting to feel a bit better and a bit more social. I can pretty well handle anyone being sick besides myself. I feel like the work load piles up and the house sort of starts falling apart...... Please pray that I am better soon and that I can have real dairy without my belly going crazy.


JC and Lauren said...

oh! Poor Robin!!! I'm sorry! I hope you feel better soon and I REALLY hope it's not dairy!!!

Leatrice said...

eeek, I'm really sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better really soon, stay hydrated! That's one of my worst fears, being sick with a baby...and you have 3 to look after. Feel better!