Sunday, February 7, 2010


Since moving back to the beach I have often struggled with the way I look. Of course I don't look the way I did before. I've had three children and walked through more than a couple of situations where I could feel the wrinkles setting in. I just can't have the fresh face of a 20 year old any more. When I lived here before I had long curly hair, but it just doesn't curl the same now. So, after about a year and a half or more of growing my hair out, it is time for it to go. If you've seen me recently, you know that my hair is pretty long. It hangs down my back, nearly to my waist.

Well, it did, until yesterday. I've been planning and "working" on growing my hair out to donate a ponytail to Locks of Love or Pantene. A couple of factors led to now being the time to chop it off.
1. It was long enough. LoL wants 10 inches. I never officially measured, but if they can't use it, they can throw it away, it had to go! Pantene wants 8 inches.
2. Every time I nursed Piddle, she was getting poked in the eye by my hair.
3. While nursing, Piddle would pull my hair and wrap herself up in it.
4. Some days my hair would just look crazy.

Since we are back at the beach, my trusted "hair girl" is in town! Every time I have come here for vacation, I have had her cut my hair. She did my hair for my wedding and is reliable and always great. Plus I enjoy the conversation. So, last Friday I was ready to cut my hair off myself, and I gave her a call. She couldn't get me in until yesterday. My hair pretty much stayed in a pony-tail or bun all week. I was done. Yesterday I was nervous to get all of my hair cut off. I have had short hair before and this "hair girl" has cut my hair short a couple of times and it always looks good and I am able to maintain it later, but I just was nervous. Plus, my hair looked really awful. (No, there aren't any pictures of me with really horrible hair, sorry.) In order to be able to use the donated hair, it can't have any product in it. This means no mousse, no gel, no hairspray....... these three things are what hold my curls together.

I walked out of the salon looking and feeling much better about my presentation. I feel like I look my age, in a great way! I feel comfortable. And, I think I will be able to maintain this cute cut and if not, I'll wear a ball cap for a while!

What do you think?

Edited to add:

I forgot to mention my family's responses. Widdle came running to the door when I opened it screaming, "MAMA!!!" As soon as he saw me he started walking backwards and said "What happened? Why is your hair like that?" I asked him if he liked it to which he responded while rubbing his neck, "I like it like this."

Waddle could care less.

Piddle came right to me but would not smile. She hasn't been feeling well, but I think she was uncertain of what happened to her mama.

Albert really likes it. Out of the blue he'll say, I really like your hair. Hopefully I can duplicate how it looks now!


Shannon said...

You look great with short hair but that is a massive change...

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Lauren said...


Cathy said...

As usual, your hair looks great! It has looked great ever since I've known you, and I was there when you be born!! Love, Nan

Leslie said...

very cute!

Cathy said...

Looks great, Robin! It feels so great to have a fresh haircut. As I remember your hair was like this when we first came to know you. (We miss you guys!)