Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was browsing the blogs that I love today and ran across this post: sling. I nearly died laughing. I do love my babies and I love the sling. I don't have a ring sling, but I've made a couple of knock-off Hotslings. They work well enough for me for right now. This evening Albert was showing the boys several videos of guys drumming and everyone was enjoying themselves when I remembered the music video in Courtney's post. So I showed it to them. Now, there is a bit of suggestive dancing, but being done by a mama wearing a baby, it just looses it's edge. Albert was nearly tearing up he was laughing so much. He and Big C just left to pick up dinner and Albert was humming, "If you love 'em then you shoulda puta sling on 'em." Now that is something funny to hear coming out of your husband!


Lauren said...

I saw that, too!!! SOOO FUNNY!!!

michellelivingston said...

oh, my- that is too funny! I hope to "wear" my babies one day also. The nick names are precious- good idea. We need to catch up, call me soon!