Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I would be willing to bet that jeans are a girl's second least favorite thing to shop for. They are for me at least. First would be swim wear- yuck! I took care of that last summer though and shouldn't have to update it again for at least a couple of summers. Considering it won't get any use this summer, it will still be brand new next summer!

Jeans were the mission for last night. I have three pair of the exact same style jean that are all out of style now. I bought the first two pair in the store before Widdle was born. The third pair was ordered off the Internet either before or after Waddle, I can't remember. The first two pair were "regular" length, which is about 6 inches too long for me. One pair is practically brand new because they are so long and hardly worn. The second pair, I cut off to the "right" length, then they unraveled a bit and now are only the "right" length after I've worn them for a day and they've stretched out. They are great for rolling up to capri length though. The third pair were my "nice" jeans. You know, the jeans that are to unraveled or worn, they looked decent with ballet flats, flip-flops, just about anything. Well, apparently I've started being a lot harder on my jeans. In the last three years I've worn a hole in the right knee of three pair of jeans. The last two holes came over the last month.

Last week I was going to write about how I was totally out of style with my jeans and that my last good pair were one good floor cleaning, owie kiss, toy clean-up away from a hole in the knee. Well, I am too late and they have fallen apart. I am now completely out of style. At some point, I think while I was pregnant with Widdle, they stopped selling my jeans in the store, I could only get them on-line. That was fine, I knew my size and shipping was cheaper than the stress counseling I would need for going to the mall for one pair of jeans. (just kidding) But I'd rather save the gas and order anyway. After Waddle was born, they were still available on-line. Now, after Piddle and a hard winter on my knees, when I am desperate for a new pair, they are totally unavailable and I am completely out of style. So, with no other option, we went jean shopping last night.

When we were in CO, b/p (before pregnancy), I did a little jean shopping. Albert and I went to G@p and I found a cut that I really liked, but they didn't have my length. Length is almost as important as waist size for me! So we left, jeanless. Yesterday I had a coupon for The L1mited, so I thought we'd shop around before heading to G@p, where I was pretty sure I'd find what I was looking for. The first three stores we went in were totally trendy, NOT me. I can not wear and refuse to try on the skinny jean. And jeans that are called leggings mean nothing to me. Almost every pair fit in my waist and hips (which is a miracle in itself) but the cut of the leg was just crazy. Some were snug to the bottom of me knee, then flared out. One pair looked like I was ready for a flood whether they were rolled down or up. It was just one thing after another. We headed into Dill@rd's and found that nothing in the Juniors department appealed to me, so we headed up to the Ladies. With great anticipation I tried on some of Reb@'s jeans. She always looks so classy and stylish. The moment I fastened them, I felt like this. I took them off immediately! The first time I felt like this was when I went into @E and asked the sales girl about my jeans and if they started selling them in the store again. She replied, "No, but if you are looking for a mid-rise jean, we have these that are a little higher." We left immediately and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

So last night I tried on pair after pair and was starting to wonder if the problem was me, the jeans, my old jeans what? I certainly wasn't comfortable in new jeans that are stiff and snug. My jeans haven't fit like that in at least two years. I had one thing in mind and I wasn't finding it anywhere. Finally we headed over to G@p and they had my exact size. It was so exciting! They fit great, though I am 12 1/2 weeks along. They were comfortable from the beginning and just fit exactly how I want my jeans to fit. My sweet husband bought me two pair. I should be set for the next 2-4 years!! Yeah!!


Brittany said...

The last pair of jeans I bought actually came from Academy Sports. I was surprised that they had a rather large selection from "mom jeans" down to low rise and dark to light colors as well.

Lisa said...

I just went jean shopping about a month ago. I agree with you, it is not fun! I did find a pair though that I really like so I may be heading back to buy another pair.

Ashley said...

Your post has my name written all over it. I finally found some jeans at G@P last time we were home a year ago but since they were so long the bottom of both legs have holes and the knees are the same way. I've ordered online but immediately returned. The only jeans I have that fit right now are from Esprit online. Think jeans but light enough to almost be linen. I'm not looking forward to jean shopping when we get orders home.

Lauren said...

LOLOLOL at that video and your *sad* post! Glad it had a happy ending! Shoot- jean shopping is NO FUN!!

Leslie said...

So funny! Have to share your mom jean video w/ Laura b/c she is always talking about ppl wearing jeans like that. Too funny!