Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We like "different" things. Some of the things around our little pond that make us feel "cool" or "different" are:
- having a lot of littles all close together in age. We are finding more families with a lot of littles, but our's seem to be closer together in age, or younger at this pointe. We love this!
- using cloth diapers
- nursing in public {modestly of course, but it isn't done by every woman}
- baby wearing. This is becoming more popular, but still has a ways to go with the daddies, not at our house though!
- our stroller. We think it's totally cool and really enjoy telling others about it.
- our theology. While we want everyone to love Jesus and worship Him in all that they do, a lot don't.
- Widdle's running bike.
- our new bike seat.

Albert found this bike seat yesterday and just "had" to buy it. We went for a ride last night and Waddle loved being so close to Daddy and having such a special seat. We think it would be a head turner if I could ride farther than 3 miles!

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Lauren said...

OK- I love that bike seat. I've never seen one that sat on the front before! How fun for y'all! Do you all have bikes? I keep meaning to look for two on craig's List but keep forgetting. WE'd love to go riding now that it's warming up and JC could ride to work.

And I LOVE your unique family. I brag about your sweet kids, openness to life, cloth diapers, home-made bread and of course love for the Lord!!! I adore your family!

WE had our neighbors over tonight ahd she said she ran into you at the store and was so impressed that you had your kids with you. She couldn't believe how good they were. It made me smile. :)