Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's time to weigh in

I just finished watching "The Biggest Loser." As most of you know, we do not have cable and do not watch much tv. But this is a show that I enjoy and have learned some tips from for my family. Albert and I have joked about finding a way for a large amount of money to fall from the sky for us. A couple of months ago, I told him that I had the perfect plan. He could gain about 150 pounds, then go on "The Biggest Loser" and win. Of course that isn't going to happen......I don't think he could gain that much weight if he tried......but it would be fun to win a quarter of a million dollars.

The real weight story for today has to do with C and B. We had a doctor's appointment this morning and C weighed in at 29 1/2 lbs while B weighed 12lbs 12 oz. B is actually in the 50th percentile.....C has never been that small. His size comes with strength. Today he carried around a 5 lb medicine ball and he has moved several cement blocks that are in our back yard. We are starting his work out plan early! The best news from the doctor today was that C does not have an ear infection and he doesn't have to get any more shots for 2 1/2 years! B, on the other hand, will be receiving shots again in a couple of months. Let's just say, that is not his favorite thing to receive.

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The Hofmeister's said...

What big stong boys you have!
I can't believe Bo is old enough for shots!!