Sunday, February 24, 2008


OK, this is the last blog for the night, and the reason that I decided to start this blog. C is discovering new things every day and it is so fun to watch! A couple of weeks ago we went to "Story time" at the Moore library and the lady had some amazing bubbles. When Granny came to visit we were sure to pick up our own bottle of bubbles to enjoy. These bubbles are pretty cool. They come with a special wand that blows tons of little bubbles without causing the blower to hyperventilate. Also, they will stay on the carpet, table, couch, etc. for hours and hours. So, tonight C was asking for the bubbles, and while I was blowing, he was laying on his bed and walking around his room directing me to where we needed some more. Then he walked around and popped several of them....I think it would be impossible for him to pop all of them. The other day we were blowing them and Piper, our dog, was eating them out of the air. C thinks this is especially fun, so he eats them off of his sleeve when they land there. So, if you are looking for some good, indoor fun, head to Gymboree for their bubbles and wand set...they are the best!

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Jamie said...

Haha! I love how kids bring us back to the simple things in life. As you get older you almost forget how something as bubbles can be so fun! I love that he's doing that for you! He's so cute!