Friday, June 6, 2008

So, they say it's your birthday....

This past Wednesday was my birthday. Albert's birthday was on Tuesday. I love my birthday, but I hate spending it alone. On Tuesday, the boys and I went over to a friends house to help her settle her kitchen in. When I arrived, I noticed that the table was set for a birthday party, but thought nothing of it. Her oldest child's birthday was the week before. So, I just thought they left the decor up for a few days after. A little ways into our work she mentioned lunch and that they had a birthday party set up for me. I almost cried. That was the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me in a while. She baked a cookie cake, lite a candle and sang "Happy Birthday." What more could a girl want? I had a great time and will always remember my special party.

I am hoping that Albert will be home for our birthdays next year. He was gone last year, this year and as of right now will be gone next year as well. I told him that when we are not together for our birthdays, we do not get any older. Therefore, I am still 22 and Albert is 25. Those are good ages to stay for a little while!

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Lisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm sorry you couldn't be with Albert. How sweet of your friend to do something special for you!