Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cycling through life

The other day I was checking out a few different websites and one of them had the most interesting advertisement on it. I have not been able to get it off my mind. Please let me know your thoughts on this.... especially you other women!

The add says "Cycling Naturally Through Life." I'm completely fine with that part. Under this is a three person bicycle. In the front is a young, thin woman, who is very stylishly dressed and has a very modern hair style. Behind her is a pregnant woman with a similar hair style and clothing style to the first woman, very chic. Then it seems to all go down hill. The last woman has a funky (not in the cool sense of the word) hair style, wide hips and jeans that come up to her true waist with her shirt tucked in tightly. Does this mean that we can be cool and "with it" through pregnancy, then we turn into "mom jean" wearers?? I don't think so! I will not be getting my hair cut in a way that has to be teased and I will not be wearing jeans that come up to my waist and tucking my shirt in to reveal all of my loose skin any time soon! Just because we have babies doesn't mean we let ourselves go. Can't we go back to the girl in front, just with looser belly skin?

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