Friday, July 31, 2009

The Movies

I'm sure you all sit around wondering what a day with the Ducks is really like. Ha! Well sometimes, in the middle of a situation a movie line will run through my mind. (I wish I memorized scripture as easily as I do a catchy movie line.) Here are a couple examples. You can think of us when your kiddos watch these movies and you hear the line or see the scene.

"All the animals are going mad!" -Finding Nemo
No, my kids are not animals, but sometimes I alter this line and it applies.

"Honey, it's time to intervene!" -The Incredibles
Ahh, this one runs through my mind ALL THE TIME when Albert is gone. We are not incredible, but a lot of their super powers fit us. I'm not sure what Olivia's personality will be like, so she is Jack Jack. Boaz is our very quiet observer. He likes to think about things and work with his hands, he gets to be Violet. (Only the really cute boy version!) Canon is our little fire ball. He's Dash. Albert can sweep in and save the day, of course he's Mr. Incredible! And I only wish I could be more flexible. If I could just reach out and grab a kid while I'm sitting in the chair nursing, a lot of tears would be spared.

My mind is drawing a blank, hum, this isn't the first time! So, I'll have to share the other sections of movies with you as they come back to mind.

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