Sunday, July 12, 2009

Romeo and Juliet

I've posting quite a bit about the dogs around this joint, and this post will continue that exciting side of our lives! I know, you've been waiting for another post about my crazy dogs. Well, look no further, it is here!

On Wednesday my neighbor came over and informed me that there was a brown dog in my yard. I had not noticed the dog, so I quickly ran to the back window. Piper is in heat, so I do not want other dogs around her, especially not male, fully in-tact dogs! So, I went out back and tried to see his tag and get him out of the yard. He ran off quickly. It did not take us long to learn that this dog can climb fences and create a gap under the fence without digging a hole. Yes, this is a problem! So, we never could get the dog to come close enough for long enough to see his tag and call his owner, and eventually he wondered off. Only after marking his territory, my backyard!

Friday, the boys and I are sitting at the table eating breakfast, when Canon informs me that Piper is in Emma's yard. Emma is our neighbor's dog. Piper only goes over there when the gate is open, and we always keep it shut and locked, unless we are outside playing with our neighbors. Again, I rush to the back door to figure out what's going on. The gate was open, or so I thought, but I couldn't see the actual gate. What it perfectly in-line with the fence post? I was confused. So, I went outside to investigate. The gate had been lifted completely off it's hinges and was laying in my neighbor's yard! After further investigation I realized that an animal squeezed through the gate, going under the mesh fencing and over the frame. It must have gotten a little stuck and lifted it's back end up. The gate was about 10 ft. into my neighbor's yard.

Today, I am visiting with neighbors who live on the street behind us when the base police come by. After a couple of minutes, I see the dog run behind their backyard. Then the police come by a couple more times. Eventually they stop and ask us if we've seen the dog. I told him that we had and that they would not be able to bait him in. He likes my dogs, but he doesn't like people. While walking home (with my dogs in-tow) I find the dog again. By this point I am angry. I do not want to have to worry about this dog. We have not spade Piper yet because I'd like her to have one litter of puppies with a specific dog in Pensacola. I do NOT want her to have puppies with this mutt! Granted, they would be cute, he's looking at me through my back door right now and he has a very sweet face, but who wants a 65 lb. mutt??? I think I'd have a hard time giving those puppies away and I just don't want to deal with it. Plus, I should be able to let my own dog in my own back yard without having to worry about someone else's dog harassing her. I get a little frustrated just typing this out. I just don't want to worry about this dog. I don't want him to go to the pound and be put down and I don't want him to get my dog pregnant. I really wish his owners would have kept him on a lead in the yard. Do they even know or care that he's missing? He had a tag and collar last week when we first met him, but he has lost it since then. He has now been in or around my yard for the last 3 hours. I called the police after chasing him out of the yard once and him coming back. They came out and saw him. My neighbor was in the process of running him out of the yard when the police showed up, but he ran off. Rather, he ran just out of sight. It's easy for him to hide in the dark. He is back now. I have the porch light on and he keeps asking to get in. He seems very friendly, but shows aggression when my neighbor and I tell him that he's not getting what he wants. Ugh, I don't know what to do. We're going to hang out in the backyard most of the day tomorrow and give the police a call if/when he comes around. Maybe I'll lose the rest of my baby weight by spending the day in 100+ temps. HA! 

I told Albert that they are like Romeo and Juliet, the forbidden love. Piper would be happy to entertain his ideas, but I can assure you that will NOT be happening! Until she is done being "available" I will have to go outside and supervise the yard every time she is out. Doesn't that sound like fun? Please, please tell me if you have any other suggestions. I'd really like to spare this dogs life, and I'm hoping he's micro-chipped, but I can't have an aggressive dog hanging around two houses that have 3 dogs and 7 kids between them!

**Edited to add: I tried to take a picture of the dog looking through the door. Of course the flash caused some trouble. After three shots the guilty party thought he did not want to be photographed and he went out of the yard, under the fence. Maybe he won't come back.....

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