Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We can survive

Several weeks ago the fam and I loaded in the van and headed slightly south to buy me a new pair of walking/running shoes. Since Albert was with us, I didn't bother to bring my cell phone. He is the one who calls me the most and I'd rather not be on the phone with someone else when he is around. Our time together is short, so I try to stay focused. So, I Googled the store a day or two before we went, checked out the map and knew the general idea of where we were going. Once we got down there, we could not seem to find the place. We drove down the road to the left of the interstate until we reached housing developments. Then, we turned around and headed down the right side of the interstate. We drove around a couple of shopping centers. I started wondering if I'd gotten the street right. I asked Albert for his phone and thought I could at least look up the address and possibly call the place to find out where they were. Only, his battery was dead! I sort of panicked. We don't have a phone, we don't know where we're going, there aren't pay phones and phone books on the corner of any of these gas stations. Will we ever find the place??? Finally I asked Albert to pull over and I would run into the H@allmark store and ask to borrow their phone book and phone. He put the van in park and I grabbed the handle of the van to find a phone book in our van! I started laughing immediately. I quickly searched and found that our little shop was listed. The street signs around here have the block number listed on them, so we were able to find our way. The shop was tucked back in the one part of the strip mall that we did not drive by. I was so excited that we were still able to find our way though our phones were out of commission. 


On Sunday I put my phone on silent and brought it into church with me. I almost NEVER put my phone on silent or bring it into church. But, my watch battery has been dead for a long time and no one will help me take the back off to replace the battery and I knew Olivia would need to eat and I wanted to know what time it was when I fed her...... So, I put the phone on silent and brought it in. After Sunday School I loaded everyone into the van and dropped my wallet and phone over the seat. I heard my phone hit something hard and knew it was not in the seat. I finished buckling everyone in and got in myself. I didn't see the phone. I backed out of the parking spot and saw that it was not on the ground. It had to be in the van somewhere. So, I headed home. I quickly brought the kiddos inside and got them down for their naps, then headed back out to look for my phone. I couldn't find it. So, I came in and did a little reading and headed out again. I repeated this process at least five times. Each time I was hoping to have a fresh perspective and look in that one spot that I had not looked the time before. No success. After a few hours I messaged one of the college kids from church and asked him to swing by the church to make sure it wasn't in the parking lot. It wasn't. I prayed and prayed that I would find my phone. Since it was on silent, I knew I wouldn't hear it even if it did ring and I searched everywhere. I considered going for a drive and driving up and down hills hoping it would slide out from wherever it was hiding. Thankfully my SS teacher, the college kids mom, suggested calling the phone. I could have done this, but we don't have a land line. I thought about asking a neighbor to call, but I'd have to walk over with all three kids, ask them to call blah blah blah. It would take a bit of work. Thankfully my SS teacher was willing to call. I messaged her son on facebook and we set up a time. I quickly ran out to the van and heard the phone vibrating! I was so relieved to find it! The phone dropped into the pocket on the side of the door and was leaning just perfectly so that I could not see it. It was totally a God thing for me to have found it. The phone was in the pocket with the ice scraper that I had taken out to drop over the seat and see how the phone might have bounced. I know I looked almost exactly where the phone was.

I think God intended this to be a lesson in humility for me. I have a very hard time asking for help and admitting that I need help. Relying on others is not enjoyable for me. I am thankful that I was forced into this situation and my dear friends were able and willing to help. God is so good and I'm back in touch!

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Lauren said...

UGH....thank goodness youf ound it! That would have been terrible!!! Always an adventure, right? ;)