Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book List

Here is my book list for 2011 so far:
Finish: Ginger Plowman's Don't Make Me Count to Three
Voddie Baucham's Family Driven Faith
Julie Ann Barnhill's She's Gonna Blow! I'm not actually sure yet if this one is on the list or not. I have started it, but I might put it away without finishing it.
Wendy Horger Alsup's Practical Theology for Women

I am sure more books will be added throughout the year, and hopefully I can check some off! My goal is one chapter a day. So far so good!

What are you reading this year?


The 5 Rohrers said...

Did you know the Maxwell's recently had a homeschool conference in Mobile? I found out the day of, so we didn't make it, but I am hoping they will be back!

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

Let me know how you like Voddie Bauchman's book! If you own it, I'd like to borrow it when you're done. We listened to his sermon on adoption (available via itunes) coming home from Christmas and LOVED it.

I'm reading...Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt and Devout Life by Saint Francis de Sales. I'm also making a list of books to read in 2011!!!