Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Rest of The Story......

After my sweet friend L's comment on my last post and K's response this morning at M.OPS, I feel obligated to confess the rest of the story.

In order for me to accomplish a single craft, all other activities must stop. I have hardly cooked dinner for the last three weeks. A couple of times we ate with my parents, (Christmas and New Years). We ate out a few times (way more than normal) and I stretched what we already had for as long as possible. We ordered pizza for B's birthday and I think we ate it for about 4 days! I have touched a broom maybe once in the last three weeks. The bathrooms, let's not even go there! I have kept the laundry washed, but have been terrible about folding it and putting it away. In fact, a nice huge stack is waiting for me right now.

So please do not feel anything about yourself because of my last post. I am just so excited to have something accomplished along with feeding my children and brushing my teeth, that I had to share it with you.

I have had a terrible time adjusting to four little ones. Two felt hard, but was still manageable. O came in without a hitch. CJ has been a wonderful baby, but it just has taken me four months to feel like I can buy groceries when I need to without activating the entire fleet! I am still trying to figure out when to clean our house. (Don't look at my floors!!!!) And when to make important phone calls without sitting my big littles in front of the television. I just hate doing that. There is always something to be working on and I am thankful for these little tokens of accomplishment. It may be another six months before I have any other crafts to share! I hope not though since O's birthday is just around the corner!


Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

How relieved am I to read this post!!!! :)

I can imagine that accomplishing these crafts felt really good and empowering. It's always nice when you cross something off your list and say, "I DID THIS!" Using one's creative power is always amazing- but especially when compared to all the household tasks that are never really done b/c they'll have to be done again next week, or tomorrow, or in an hour... :)

I"m glad you carved out time and used your creative side and made wonderful things that your kids will treasure! You've got your priorities right, girl!!!

And PUH-LEASE about your house. Readers of this blog- she really is super woman. Her house looks nice and is well-kept. And if it was spotless (which I'm not looking!) I'd be concerned! You have four kids! A spotless house with four kids probably means those four kids aren't getting what they need from you!

Love ya, friend! Thanks for the honesty!

IMT Office said...

I guess it's possible that you have "had a terrible time adjusting" to your growing family, but keep this in mind:

Since I met you and the kids, I have always thought, "I hope I can be as good of a mom as Robin some day and also be sane like her."

You guys rock!

IMT Office said...

PS - I don't know why that put me as "IMT Office"... hahaha. But this is Chelsea (ENS Smit)