Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Cereal

I have been bouncing around the idea of starting Bo on cereal. He has been sleeping pretty well, so I decided that I'd wait as long as possible. Well, a couple of weeks ago his sleeping changed. So, the next day I offered him cereal. He probably thought I was crazy. I put it in his mouth, he pushed every bit back out. I tried to trick him by putting a spoonful in, then giving him his paci....all of the cereal came out around his paci. So, I figured that he was not quite ready. His sleep returned to "normal" and I decided to hold off. Well, the last couple of nights have been terrible. Everyone around here has been sick, so I thought that might have something to do with it, but being up every two hours is not good for anyone. After the second night of this, I decided to try the cereal again. Today I was more persistent. I gave him one spoonful, then continued to scoop it in until it was eaten. I think he actually enjoyed it after he got it figured out. So, it is now 2248 our time, he has already woken up once by pulling his own paci out.....hopefully that is the last we will hear from him until about 0700. Happy sleeping!

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