Sunday, May 25, 2008

Out of the loop

Sorry that I have been out of the loop for several weeks. The boys, Piper and I are enjoying a very relaxing vacation. Of course, no vacation can really start without a nice long road trip! We started out with a 12 hour drive.....yes, that's right, two little boys, a dog, a mama and a granny in a van together for 12 hours. It actually went a million times better than I thought. Hopefully the return trip will be even better. Since we've been here we've enjoyed some amazing weather, my lungs have adjusted to the lack of oxygen and we were able to celebrate cousin Cousin1's first birthday. Along the way almost everyone has gotten sick and we were able to spend several days with Albert's aunt. As you can see, our vacation has had a lot of random parts, but has been extremely enjoyable and the boys are especially spoiled!

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