Sunday, May 25, 2008

New words

Canon has had a word explosion over the last couple of weeks. He is combining two to three words and other people can understand him besides just me! Here is a run down:

*"screw driver"
"Dola" name for grandparent's dog, Lola
"There it is"
"Bob the builder" you have to know what he's talking about to get this one.
"airplane Daddy"
"no please"
"excused please"

These are some of his favorite words or manners, that we hear often. He has also started learning all of his aunt's and uncle's names and their dogs. "Dadey" for "Lacy", "Winnie", "Abae", and "Dadie" for Sadie are some of his favorite dog cousins. It has been so fun to hear him say words for the first time and for him to be able to communicate and me understand! This is definitely helping ease the communication gap that leads to frustration!

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Lisa said...

Isn't it fun to hear them talk!?! It makes things so much easier once they start communicating with you. Hope you're doing well!