Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty training Cont.

A day or so after I posted the last blog about potty training, we went straight down hill. My mom and brother left and Canon hardly went potty in the toilet. It was very frustrating for me. Since then we have done much better. We decided that we would not worry about the toilet while in Texas, so I wasn't so proactive about taking him potty the last couple of days before we left. I still sat him on the potty a few times and he did well. One time he even said "poop", raised up the toilet seat, we put him on there, and he pooped! This gave me great hope. So, we did not use any underwear while in Texas, but we did take him potty frequently and he did an amazing job! Canon's not waking up dry in the mornings. I think he wakes up and lays there for a while. But he is almost always dry after naps. He wears underwear and a shirt around the house during the day. (Only when Daddy's gone.) And, wears a diaper at night. We still have a little ways to go, but he does enjoy watching himself potty.

Oh, one other quick story about potty training. Last night I was giving Canon a bath and trimmed his little rat tail. I just put the hair in the toilet for ease of cleanup. Then, I noticed a fly flopping around on the ground. So, I squashed him and put him or her in the toilet. After Canon's bath I sat him on the toilet and he thought it was quite fun to try to spray the fly. I couldn't help but laugh. Maybe we'll work on standing at some point......I'm just not that brave yet!

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