Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Canon cont.

I forgot to write about Canon's almost birthday party in my blog about him. I planned a little backyard fun party with some friends in our neighborhood. With his birthday being in August, I thought some fun in the water would be just perfect! Well, in the week leading up to his birthday, the weather took quite a turn from normal. We have not had rain all summer, but we had quite a bit all at once. One day the temp did not get above 65! On his actual birthday I don't think the temp got above 75, a little to cool for playing in the water. Also, the weekend before, the boys had a pretty nasty cold. So, with being stuck inside with the windows closed and all of our icky germs recirculating through our house, I canceled the party. I called one of Canon's (and my) grown up friends to see if she and her husband would like to stop by for some hot dogs and cake. They came and we had a nice birthday supper. Canon did not seem to mind or even notice that there was no big party. He was so excited (and still is) that there were "Happy Birthday Party" balloons taped to the ceiling that nothing else mattered!

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