Monday, August 25, 2008

Doctor Appointment #1

Today was my first doctor's apt. I am thankful that it is over! I had so many crazy feelings going into it that I hardly could enjoy it. It wasn't a bad appointment, but I'm glad it's done! We got to the office about 10 minutes early. This was a huge accomplishment for a mama with two little ones! I am never early...... just ask Albert! :) So, we were early and I had all of my paper work filled out, I thought we'd be called back pretty quickly. The boys were both riding in our single stroller because our new double is not in yet. Now, the waiting room is a very large area with a couple of different play areas for the kiddos. I did not want Canon to get out though because I thought they would call us back any minute. 40 minutes later, and 30 minutes after my appointment time I finally was called back. I try to be understanding when at an OB apt. You never know what the hold up is. It might be a first time mom with a million questions or someone who wasn't doing so well this morning during the Dr.'s rounds and needed some extra time. Who knows? 30 minutes with no explanation was a little crazy though! Well, we make it back to the room and this new doctor is in the same hall that my Doctor for Bo was in. I felt right at home and was getting excited again. So, the nurse weighs me and all of that fun stuff, then goes over my history. Now, this is not a big deal and I am not really frustrated about it or anything, but I think she asked me every single question that I answered on the paper work that I brought with me..... completely filled out. What is the point of doing all of that twice???? I don't know, but the boys were getting grouchy by now. Bo was beyond tired and getting hungry and Canon did not want Bo to touch his back ANY MORE! He was making that quite obvious. Then the OB came in. She was so nice! I liked her right away, which was a huge relief. She decides to do a Pap and an internal ultra-sound. I'm not sure this appointment could have gotten much longer. She was trying to find the baby on the ultrasound and the boys are harmonizing with their whining and crying. It was a little loud in there. So, the main point of all of this is that it took the doctor several minutes to find the baby. When she did she said the dreaded, but not terrible words: "I don't think you're as far along as you think you are." "What?" was my response. "How could that be?" So, at this point I'm completely confused. She bumps me back two weeks and says my due date is April 17. There wasn't really any news that was too exciting except that I'll be tossing around the anticipation of the mayhem that comes with having three little ones for two more weeks. AAAAHHHHHHH I'm not sure I can take it! Maybe just keep us in your prayers on that one. I hope she will do another ultra sound at my next appointment and send us back to the date I originally thought. We'll see! I'll post about that in about 4 weeks!

Also, I was hoping to have some pics to post. But the one picture she printed is just a white line. I don't think there really is anything there. Maybe next time.


Lisa said...

Okay, so I'm reading this and you have me on the edge of my seat with "she said the dreaded" - I thought you were going to say it was twins or triplets!!!

Leatrice said...

I also have that frustration with my OB's office, the waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I can't imagine what it would be like to have 2 tiny kiddos and be waiting for 1.5 hours past your appt time like I've done at a few of my appts. I think I'd literally go wring someone's neck if I had babies with me! Anyhow, I think a lot of the time the numbers/dates they get from ultrasounds aren't accurate just because everyone (and every baby) progresses differently. I look forward to hearing about your next appointment and yay for babies!