Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recovering and jumping

I think I have finally recovered from the grease fire. I am very thankful the fire was contained and did not cause any permanent damage to anything besides the turkey. Since last Thursday Albert and I have super cleaned the oven. Burned grease is not easy to remove! And, I have baked a few things while holding my breath. I am still not certain that pregnant women should be in the kitchen unsupervised, but I am trying out another turkey right now. We do still need to eat! Anyway, I was quite shaken up by the whole thing and very hesitant to turn the oven on again. I am glad it is working well and not smoking or smelly any more.

In other news, things have been quite crazy around here. I read several blogs of moms with several children, and they have some very crazy times. I do not have several children yet, but we seem to be creating our fair share of craziness. Yesterday morning Canon and I had BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). We had about 16 minutes to get there when I was heading towards the gate to leave the base. That's when I noticed two military police cars sitting right by the exit gate. Any military wife knows what this means....... random car search. I have had this done before when entering the base one morning, but leaving the base in the morning....... what do they think I will have on board? And, why do the care if I am headed OFF base? Anyway, with a deep breath I followed the officer as he directed me on where to park. I have been working on setting a better example for Canon and did not want him to dislike military police as I do...... I took my seat belt off and opened the door so that I could quickly open all of the doors, trunk, glove compartment, "anything that opens" is what they told me last time. *Keep in mind that I am driving a van* Then, the officer asks me if I have any children with me. "Yes" I say with a deep breath of relief.... is this my ticket out of a search? YES it was!!! I was so excited. The officer told me that I needed to get going then. It was 40 degrees and windy and I now had 10 minutes to make it to BSF. I was so relieved that he let me go! What a blessing our children are. 

Now looking ahead..... I feel like I am standing on a cliff just waiting for several things to happen. Maybe I am more feeling on "Pause" right before the climax of the movie. Either way, we have some BIG things coming up in the next few weeks and could really use your prayers. Thankfully I only had one tear fall while thinking and talking to a dear friend about all that is about to happen, so I'll try to give you just the facts. On Dec. 10th my sister is going in to be induced. On Dec. 12th Albert leaves for 2 months, but will be home on Christmas day. On Dec. 15th the boys and I leave for Pensacola for about a month, we will be there on Christmas day, thus we will be away from Albert even though he will be at home! On Dec. 22nd Boaz will turn 1 year old. I guess I feel the weight more because I am pregnant and more emotional than normal..... either way, I do not want to walk through the next month alone! Please keep our family in mind and feel free to contact us some over the next couple of months.


badger girl said...

You can do it -- you're stronger than you think, and you're never truly alone. I'm just wrapping up 5 months without JK and while it hasn't been the most fun, it went fast. Could be so much worse. I always think of the army wives who are alone for 18 months...we're blessed! CK

Growing Family said...

Our husbands will be together, I hear! So let's keep in touch! What's your email? Mine is I'd love to be your email buddy while they're gone and then after that too! So wait, is Albert from here? Is that what you mean about him being home for Christmas by coming here? So many exciting things going on for you!! Good luck!

Lauren McClain said...

We love you, Robin!!! "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me!!!"