Thursday, December 11, 2008


Christmas 2008 
We had to celebrate early because we will be apart for the 25th. We had a fun time eating our Christmas pancakes made by Daddy, opening presents and attending a squadron Christmas party. Canon is still talking about popping the bubbles and playing at Daddy's work. I think that was the highlight of his day!
The boys got some fresh haircuts for the Christmas season. They were both looking pretty scrappy, but it is way too cold for head shaving!
Here is a very delayed Halloween picture. We bought the boy's costumes at Babies R Us and made Albert and my costume. 
Canon received a helmet for his birthday but he grew out of it pretty quickly, so this is his new helmet. He thinks it's pretty cool.
Boaz is standing all over the place these days. This picture was taken on his 11 month birthday.

Sorry for the overflow of pictures. I finally learned how to upload pictures on my new computer and can now update you on our changing family. I hope you enjoy them!

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