Sunday, December 21, 2008

Observations of the South

So, I have not been gone from Florida for that long, but I seem to have forgotten everything that has to do with the weather here! This has made me laugh on several occasions. When we left Oklahoma it was 15 degrees with very strong and cold wind. I wore a t-shirt with a sweater over and jeans. For our first couple of stops and the car ride, this outfit was just right. Then we stopped for gas in Louisiana. As soon as I opened the door my hair started growing and I started sweating. I knew we were in LA without even having to ask! I pushed my sleeves up, went to the restroom and thought, "These people probably think I'm crazy for wearing a sweater!" Once back in the car I took the sweater off and was more comfortable at our next few stops. The thing that keeps making me laugh is that that t-shirt is one of the two t-shirts that I packed for myself. Boaz arrived with two short sleeved shirts/outfits and some short-sleeved undershirts, Canon arrived with only short-sleeved undershirts. What was I thinking? I brought one pair of flip-flops and one pare of capris for myself and Canon has a couple of pairs of Crocs to keep his feet cool. Who travels to Florida without capris and flip-flops???? We'll just blame it on the pregnancy brain. Along with only having real winter clothes, it has been in the mid 70s all week. Every time I go to get dressed I just laugh..... which short sleeved shirts are we going to wear today? Well, I have had to do a little shopping and we are not melting any more. Of course it is only 55 degrees today with some cool wind. My family is freezing to death and I am thinking that the boys and I will wear all of our sweaters today, just to make sure we didn't pack them and never use them! HA! Oh, it's fun to be in the south!

Here are a couple of other things that are catching my attention: 
  • These people drive like maniacs! I'm not sure where they are going, but they are in a hurry! After driving on base where the max speed is 35 mph, I'm just not used to going much faster. I'm sure I'll adjust. 
  • I'm not sure how anyone has straight hair with this humidity. My hair is working beautifully! But I'm not sure how anyone has straight hair here. 
  • You can always buy flip-flops in Florida.
  • Sweaters go on sale at the beginning of winter.
  • Winter last a couple of weeks and I'm hoping those weeks overlap with while we're here.
I'll add more as I laugh at them!

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