Saturday, February 4, 2012


I am here. Well, I haven't been here on the blog, but I do look at it each time I open the Internet. We had little people with fevers for the last week. It was a very long week. Thank they Lord all of our littles are better. Albert and I are not feeling great today..... I suppose that is how it goes.

We went out in public today. It was the first time all of the littles have been out of the house since Tuesday almost two weeks ago. Big C asked if we could go to Chick-fil-A to eat sometime and we thought this morning for breakfast would be the perfect time to go.

It was the most encouraging time I have had in public in maybe forever. We sat at a table right inside the front door. It is sort of a "that's the first table that will hold everyone, sit down quick!" choice. A couple of people walked in a commented on what a good looking bunch we have.

It was one elderly lady that made me think. She stopped and said hello, asked if the children had something good to eat. O responded a bit and they all smiled and said hello. Then she stood there for a minute. After a few seconds she rubbed CJ's head and I noticed her hands. The hands of an older woman have so much woven into them. I couldn't help wondering what work her hands have done all of these years. What brought on all of the lines? Was it years of caring for littles? Years of caring for elderly parents? What is the story behind those hands?

Albert's Granny is very ill. His parents have gone to be with her and we all seem to be waiting.

The lady at Chick-fil-A's hands remind me of Granny's hands. Her's have done the work of two or more women! They have raised six children, 16 grandchildren and so far 12 or more great grand children. They have been farm hands belonging to a farm wife. She has worked hard, fought the good fight and run the race to the end. I wish I knew more of her story.

These hands make me think that my lines are a reward. A lasting sign of the things I spend my days on. A memory for my children. I feel like days spent wiping noses, changing diapers, cleaning dishes, sewing various things, teaching, hugging, cuddling are the things that we remember and value and show love in a tangible way to those we love most.

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