Saturday, February 4, 2012


Other quilts that are in the works in my mind, though not in reality yet........

Fireplace room:

B (he really needs a mama made quilt. He is the only one with a store bought quilt on his bed. I made him a quilt when he was a baby, but he isn't using it any more. He is first in line!) :

His will be 6 inch squares of a variety of fabrics that I am in the process of collecting. The main one will be boys chasing paper airplanes. Do you think he will enjoy that fabric when he is older?? The rest will be pretty timeless.


His will have a bit more variety in the colors. He has asked for green and red. That makes me think of Christmas, so I am sure I will add in some orange and blue too. I have it all drawn out, just have to find the fabrics and make B's first!


CJ will get a crib sized version of this as soon as B's quilt is done. Then, when he is ready for a twin I will either figure out how to make the crib one a twin, or just make him a new one.

As you can see, I have found all sorts of inspiration from Soulemama. I ordered two of her books and ideas have been swimming in my mind ever since. I have made, or changed a couple of things in our home after finding her blog. The best link is all of her sewing items. Now it is time to snap a few pics of O's room and let you see a bit of what we have been doing.

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