Saturday, February 4, 2012

O's space

O's room is in the process of a redo. I love the look of decorated rooms, but I just cannot dream up ideas on my own. I need something to spark me. I seem to be able to take one image or item and recreate it, possibly change it a little, or simply ask enough questions to find exactly what the other person has and just buy it. For our girly girl, I have been pulling together a few different ideas.

The spark was started first by this room:

I even have this link bookmarked as "O's room." I really like the hot pink, light blue color scheme. I have the board for an "O", it only needs to be painted. I found an awesome pillow sham at Goodwill that is light blue on top and light green on the bottom, the fabrics are quilted and it ties a couple of times on one end. I made the pillowcase for the pillow inside out of one of the fabrics that are framed in the room in the link. The fabric is from H.L. I found a pink pillowcase at Goodwill too. I will probably buy O some new sheets once she moves to a twin bed, but that won't be for a while. We already have a sheer curtain on her window. The boys and I rehung the rod this week. It was pulled off the wall at some pointe by someone short twisting up in it. Hopefully it will stay up this time. Instead of the "reading" section, which I really like! I have an end table with a lamp on it, books in the table and a yo-yo quilt that I made on the wall. It works, though the lamp needs a new shade or some sprucing. I'll keep an eye out. O has a baby bed and rocking chair in her room, all other toys are in our toy closet. These two items are under her window. I had a couple of girls over a couple of weeks ago and made the pom-poms. They are so easy and cheap! I love the sock dollies. I am trying to figure out how to make them. They are fairly simple, but just going by looking at a picture on the internet is proving to be a little tricky for me. It may be a while before they are done. I think that is all I am using from this room.

The next item that inspired me was this quilt:

This mama is a much more time efficient seamstress than I am. It took me two half days to make O's quilt. It isn't perfect, and I will make measurements different when I make a similar one for CJ and possibly the baby, but it was easy enough. It would probably be really quick with a pattern! I'll have to make one up for myself! Once O moves to a twin bed, I have a whole other quilt in mind. I am going to go ahead and make the throw pillow for her and work on the big quilt after I make all of the boy's quilts. Yes, I have many dreams on the brain.

Here is O's future quilt, though the colors will be more hot pink and light blue:

I will clean up O's room and take some pictures of our handiwork soon. Check back for those!

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