Saturday, February 4, 2012

this table

A little of my sewing has gone to the dining room. We are in this room soooo much during the day that I would really like to enjoy it. I made this runner after seeing this one.
I would like to tell you that I made this sign. I did spray paint it black. A friend of ours offered to project the words onto the board for me, then he offered to paint it. I didn't see any plans for completing it myself, so I said yes and thank you! Albert drilled a couple of holes and I twisted up some fabric and tied it through. This is my favorite addition to the room!

The sign is to the right of the hutch. That is the only solid wall in this room. The curtains were a table cloth that I bought at T@rget for less than $10. I cut it in half, ironed it, hemmed the edges and made a little cuff for the top. I would like to put it on those cute rings with the clips, but I don't have any for now, so the cuff works. It is a tad short, but I like it. Now to keep the littles from twisting themselves up in them!

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