Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Vacation

For Christmas this year we flew out to the mountains. The kids loved playing in the snow......well, Widdle did. Waddle seemed to feel a bit like the little brother on "A Christmas Story." He fell down several times and would just wine until someone came to pick him up. He did enjoy sledding down the hill and riding the tire swing though. Piddle enjoyed watching the crazy boys and didn't mind the snow suit too much.

Widdle and Cousin1 had a G.R.E.A.T. time playing in the snow. Cousin1 taught Widdle all of his tricks. They ate lots of snow, made snow angels, rode on the sled while Albert pulled them up and down the hill, threw snow balls and chased each other around. Those boys really got along great.
We were thankful to be in town when our cousin Cousin3 was dedicated to the Lord. Everyone but Stacy made it for the special occasion. Cousin3 and Piddle are 10 days apart, they enjoyed each other this visit but will really have a good time the next time we see them!

Sorry that this picture is sideways, but it is too cute to leave out. We had to round out our vacation with a trip to have pictures done. Granny gave all of the cousins these cute Js and we had to capture the cuteness. Though, it was a challenge!

Aside from all of the boys getting the stomach bug we had a great time and felt so blessed to be with family for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord. We hope you had a Merry Christmas as well.


Lisa said...

Love their hats and the pajamas! Very cute!

Cathy said...

Enjoyed your pictures, Robin! Yep! those p.j's are adorable!