Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is the subject on every one's mind and much like 9-11 I feel the need to record my thoughts and memories surrounding this event.

I was shocked Wednesday afternoon when I sat down at the computer to check my e-mail and Y@hoo had a news story about a magnitude-7 earthquake hitting Haiti the day before. How had I missed this? I mean, I don't watch the news but surely I should have heard about this somewhere, from someone sooner than 24 hours after. I quickly read the article and sat here in awe. My thoughts flowed something like this:

-Where is Haiti?

-What can I do to help?

-I wonder what the adoption situation is with Haiti, maybe that is where God is leading us. I am sure the number of orphans will increase greatly with this disaster and the need for families will be great.

I quickly found a website for Haiti adoptions, looked at the beautiful children and found the list of qualifications. I was devastated to find that we are not now and will never be qualified to adopt a precious Haitian child.

-We must work towards helping in another way.

I am still seeking out other ways to help. We have heard a ton about donations and making sure to donate to a legitimate organization, that is in the works. With the possibility of adopting one of these orphans being non-existent for us, I am feeling burdened to pray for these people. I ask that you would pray with me.

Yesterday I was at my parent's house and turned on the news for a few minutes. The reporter stated that Haitians claim that 80% are Catholic, 15% are Protestant and 100% are Vudu. I do not claim to be a great scholar on Vudu beliefs, but I am certain that these beliefs canNOT overlap. Devil worship and Jesus worship cannot co-exist.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal Himself and that these people would find hope in the only source of hope, Jesus Christ. If you are planning to make a donation, maybe find an organization that will bring all of the supplies these people desperately need, food, water, medical supplies and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without Christ it doesn't matter what their lives are like on this earth. Rich or poor, sick or healthy, injured or strong; No Jesus means eternity apart from Him. So, let's pray together for this country.

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Meghan said...

Hey Lady! I miss you guys alot! I went to church this weekend and thought about you guys. I hope that All is going well.

Also, I love that you have such a giving spirit that just wants to bless everyone. You're beautiful inside and out!

Hope you are all doing well! Say hi to everyone for me!