Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

The other morning I felt like a farm mama. It was very fun and lifted my spirits for the day. My MIL gave me an awesome apron for Christmas. It is black with white polka dots and white trim and a white "R" on the pocket. I have been trying to remember to wear it whenever I'm cooking, baking or grinding wheat. The trouble is remembering to take it off when we sit down to eat or someone needs some diaper/bathroom clean up. Oh well!

The other morning I remembered to put it on before preparing our eggs. Upon grabbing the egg carton I noticed the green eggs and nervously thought we would try them out for breakfast.

My mom found a lady who sells farm fresh eggs in our area. She has a couple of chickens that lay green eggs and they are supposed to be lower in cholesterol.

So, I scrambled them up with cheese and turkey, since I didn't have any ham, and we ate green eggs and "ham" for breakfast. It was pretty much just fun in my own mind, but it made me smile all day. By the way, there was a tad bit of a difference in the flavor, but they were great!

Yes, I will eat them in the rain and I will eat them on a train and I will eat them with a Gus and I will eat them on a bus. I do like green eggs and ham, I like them, I like them Sam-I-am!

Note: I will try to get a couple of pictures of my two amazing aprons!

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Lisa said...

Love that book! I'd love to see your aprons too!