Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I think I am the worst blogger around. A lot is always going on around here, but I just am not sure that it's all that exciting. I do want to take note of the daily happenings though. I know that I can not remember the exciting or daily parts of my life and so writing about them here is going better than all of the millions of journals I've tried to keep.

On the 16th of December we headed to Colorado. Flying out of New Orleans makes for a cheaper flight, but a longer day. After a 3 hour drive we entertained ourselves in the airport for a couple of hours before wrestling three littles in three seats for a three hour flight. The kids did great! We found a little, round table with little stools around it right by the runway and set up camp. The boys LOVED watching all of the planes take off and land. They chased each other around the table for a L.O.N.G. time and squeezed in a bit of wrestling. Piddle army crawled around the dirty airport floor..... I know, I probably shouldn't have let her, but I couldn't hold her still for so many hours right before boarding a plane-that she would have to be still on. The boys were totally excited to board the plane. Widdle had his own seat while Waddle and Piddle were lap babies. This meant that Albert and I could not sit together. The rule is that you can only have one lap baby per section of seats because of the number of oxygen masks. So, we sat across the aisle from each other with a gentleman sitting next to Albert and we tried to gently talk to each other across this poor guy. When people were looking for seats I felt as though I had a contagious disease. There were two empty seats next to me and no one seemed to want them. After a while a gentleman who resembled Santa Clause, sat by the window. The middle seat remained empty. Yeah!! Waddle and Piddle took naps on the plane and we ended up shifting Waddle to my empty seat so that Widdle could go potty. Side note: we packed all of our stuff in 2 suitcases! This was a proud moment for me, the excessive/extreme over packer!

While in Colorado we went to Cousin1's school program and had dinner with Albert's siblings. Within a couple of days all of my boys had a bad stomach bug. Waddle was sick on his birthday and so he stayed in his Js all day. I don't think it bothered him. We pushed back The Duck's Christmas celebration to Saturday. It felt a bit weird to not do anything special on Christmas day, but it was nice for everyone to feel well when we did celebrate together. Before Christmas we had a big snow. We got about 8 inches over 36 hours or so. It was nice and powdery and Widdle loved playing in it. Waddle wasn't quite as mobile as he'd like to be and reminded me of the little brother in "A Christmas Story." Piddle liked being outside, but did not particularly enjoy that face plant into the snow. :( After a few days the boys built a snow man and we visited the Denver Zoo Lights before trucking back home. Albert and I did squeeze in a trip to Centara for shopping and we were able to see "Blind Side." (Excellent movie!) We traveled home with 4 bags. That was a bit of a challenge. The funniest part was when we were weaving through the line to check in and several people told us that we need one more child. Maybe they thought that would make us completely crazy. Any who, we managed to make it through the airport with the boys carrying their backpacks, Albert had a backpack, I wore Piddle in her carrier and carried the diaper bag. I think it was about as light as we could go.

We are glad to be home and celebrated Christmas with my family last night. Part of me feels like we should be planning a day to take down all of our Christmas decor and part of me feels like we just put it up. Maybe we'll take it down next weekend!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and I will try to update better this year!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a fun Christmas! I'm sure the boys loved the snow!