Saturday, February 4, 2012

a room for her

Here is O's room!

When you first walk in, along the wall with the open door, is this yo-yo quilt. I had a terrible time getting the yo-yos to stay tied together, so I covered a big piece of cardboard with fabric, then spray glued the yo-yo quilt onto the fabric. Done!
Her ballet clothes are stored in the drawer and a few favorite girly books are in the cubby underneath.
The height chart is on the other wall making the corner with the closet. I made this a while ago. There is a stripe for each child, plus some. They are made out of scrapbook page border stickers. The board is 4 feet tall, so four packages worked perfectly! The wreath is a simple rag wreath made with a variety of extra pink fabrics. The rocking chair was my mom's and mine. The bed holds any number of babies, currently Phoebe mouse knit by my aunt and two unfinished sock dollies.

This is my favorite view! this corner is opposite the door. The pompoms are 99 cent packs of gift wrap paper from H.L. The cross is from a little shop in Colorado. The dresser was my mom's, mine, my sister's and for a short time my brother's. The end table matches and we have a headboard to go with them. We will use the headboard if the baby is a boy, if it's a girl, they will share the same bunks as the big boys have.
Here is a close up of the quilt. I am planning to change out the little yellow ties for hot pink ones, but I don't have any hot pink yarn. Soon. On the bed are the three babies that are carried everywhere and often tucked into the neck of O's shirts for easy baby wearing!

This is the third corner, straight right of the door. (The door is on this wall further to the right) This corner will be for the baby. Eventually we will buy a new crib and put it here. If the baby is a girl I will put a letter plaque over the head of the bed and these fabric circles on the wall where the ballet girls are.
If it is a boy, I will make the name board like I have in the boy's room, that you may seem someday..... and put it over the headboard. I may still do the fabric circles, but with boyish fabrics. We will see!

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Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

It looks GREAT!!!! Bet O loves it!!! Are you hoping this baby will be a girl? O would have fun with either- but a sister would be super fun! (and make room sharing easier, ha!)