Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

C loves to help. If we are changing a light bulb, he is standing on the ladder. If we are cleaning up the back yard, he is helping to spot the poo.....this one can be dangerous! If we are hanging pictures on the wall, he is searching for his hammer or finding the real hammer shortly after we are done. Today I moved our living room furniture around and C tried out his muscles on pushing the couch. He was not successful today, but I am sure that it will not take him long.

On Saturday, we decided to clean up the back yard. C was an excellent helper. He is very particular about how he wants to help, but he wants to be involved. I was throwing sticks over the fence while C and Albert were carrying them to the pile. C wanted each stick handed to him, he did not want to pick them up himself. Then he would carry them to the pile and make sure that each one was in it's correct place. We can't wait to see how meticulous he will be as he gets older and has more refined motor skills! I expect that his room will always be clean and his clothes will always be put away.......or so I hope!

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The Hofmeister's said...

He is so funny! I can't wait until Brendan gets to the age where he is Mr. Helpful. Joe already spends time explaining the proper way to wash cars and Brendan even got to pressure wash the driveway with him the other day