Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This last weekend, my dad visited us for a couple of days. We have not seen him in over a year, so we definitely enjoyed our time together. C loves making everyone laugh, but he especially loves to bring a smile to his grandparent's faces. My dad was eating this up! While "Pawpaw" was in town, C started to say "amen." This was quite exciting for all of us and "Pawpaw" took every opportunity to show his new skill off.

Another special moment for the boys came after my dad left. C was playing with his Parent's Choice phone and a message from my dad played. It said, "I'm gonna get that belly." The first time C heard it he just looked at me, a little confused. Then he made it play again and raised up his shirt to make the game a little easier.

It is bitter-sweet to have family come to visit. We love seeing them and sharing our little ones with them. It just seems to make it that much harder to be away from them when they leave.

My sister will be coming in town tomorrow....we haven't seen her in over a year either. We should have a great time!

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