Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, I know that most of my blogs are about the boys, but I had a crazy situation yesterday that I am sure will bring a few laughs your way.

We have been in great need of more bookshelf space. So, yesterday I decided that I would go to Target, buy a bookshelf, and that would be my project after the boys went to bed. So, we loaded up and went to Target. The whole time I was trying to brainstorm a way that I was going to make the cart work. I ended up putting C in the front and B in the back, in his car seat. I figured that I would find a place for the bookshelf when I found the bookshelf. And we're off. I find the bookshelves down and aisle and about 3 1/2 feet off the ground. I thought to myself, "these can't be too heavy since they are up so high." I could not have been more wrong! I leaned the shelf towards me and it still did not seem too heavy. Now, keep in mind that 3 1/2 feet off the ground is about shoulder height for me. So, I slid the box to the edge of the shelf and proceeded to lean it more towards me. Little did I know that as soon as the store shelf started supporting it, it would become very heavy and fall on my face. I seemed to catch the bookshelf with my left cheek bone, then slide it down my body to the floor. Previous to arriving at Target, C's hat hit me in the left eye while I was putting him in the car, and my eye watered the whole way to Target. So, between being hit in the eye and catching a bookshelf with my cheekbone, the left side of my face has been a little sore today. Each time I rub my eye my cheek hurts....thankfully it isn't black and blue, but I am ready for the shine and swelling to go away!

After getting some help to get the bookshelf in the car and getting it home, I noticed a little sticker that said "This item is a two team lift." That would have been nice to know before dropping it on my face. The bookshelf is now complete and adds some great storage for several more books!

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The Hofmeister's said...

That did give me a laugh! I hope you have recovered