Friday, March 14, 2008

Bodily Fluids

I am opening myself up for more laughter...enjoy!

Today was quite the day for bodily fluid. Around lunch time I was throwing the ball for Piper. Every time she brought the ball back she would drop it on the run, so it would roll into my legs and leave a nice stream of slobber and leaves. Later, I was dumping a dirty diaper into a toilet that C already pottied in. This caused a bit of a nasty splash. Next we come to C pushing our trashcan off of the dresser, causing dirty diapers and wipes to fall to the floor....thus bringing a bit of poo out into the open that needed to be picked up. And yet there is more, I burped B to get him ready for bed, and he spit up straight on my mouth....Can it get any dirtier around here??? And God sends a blessing. I was praying for C before bed, confessing sin and praying for the boy's future, and a tear streamed down my face. Upon saying "amen," C looked at my face and said, "uh-oh." He reached his chunky little finger out and wiped my tear away. A sweet ending to a dirty day!

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The Hofmeister's said...

I love the ending. That is adorable. I know what it is like to really feel like a lady