Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Living in the bathroom

I have decided to start potty training C. I know that it is a little early, but we are at a fork in the road with our cloth diapers. I can either buy a bigger size or get him in underwear. C is doing a great job so far. We have had several "potties" in the toilet and a couple of poops. I was asking him if he needed to "teetee" in the toilet, then he started calling his friend, Steven, "teetee." So, I'm am trying to not confuse him and just ask him if he needs to "potty" all day long. He is not communicating to me that he does need to go, but he has great satisfaction in the crazy dance that I do for him when he does go. I am thinking of starting a potty chart that he can put stickers on, but I have to take the time to actually make it. Today I gave him a sticker each time he pottied, but he pealed it off and tried to eat it.......so hopefully a chart along with my dancing will work!

I am excited to have C using the toilet, but I have been surprised by the amount of time we have spent in the bathroom. Today was a little less, as I am starting to be able to tell if I am too late, or if going is a possibility. I think right now his success is based on my timing. Hopefully that will change soon!


Kim said...

Oh yes, the bathroom & just think this is just the beginning for us! It was my experience with Luke that he didn't communicate when he needed to go for quite awhile. Basically, it was me figuring out when he usually went & then just taking him. He can usually tell me now, but I still sometimes decide when he needs to go. By the way, you will LOVE it once he's trained.

travisandlisa said...

I used a potty chart with Addison. It worked great and she loved getting stickers. I was too lazy to make my own, so I searched online for "potty training charts" and there are tons you can print for free. Good luck and have fun!