Friday, February 27, 2009

33 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and everything was fine. My uterus is measuring right on for April 17 being my due date. I always hope she will say I'm due sooner, but no! My blood pressure was 90/50. I think that's pretty good for getting two little boys out of the van, into the stroller, into the building, then entertaining them for 20-30 minutes before being called back. Also, this week Canon decided to spill cheerios on the floor and stomp them into the carpet right as the doctor walked into the room. Yes, that was fun! Ducky3's heart rate was 138. If I didn't have pictures saying she is a girl, I'd still be convinced she's a boy! Her heart rate is exactly where the boy's were. I guess we'll only know for sure once she arrives.

On the day-to-day side of things I am feeling very cramped. I think this baby is stretched out from my left hip to my right arm pit. She is taking up my entire abdomen. I think she might be a bed hog on the other side of this belly. I have been having at least a few contractions every day. The other night I had two that were 10 minutes a part, then nothing. It is still way to early for her to come, but I am hypersensitive to all the weird things I am feeling. I think my emotions are evening out a bit. I am not crying at the drop of a hat, but I can explode that quickly. So, I may still have a little balancing left to do. 

So, here are the pics I promised. NO LAUGHING!!! But, if you are feeling fat on day, just glance back at these pictures and you'll feel great about yourself again! Enjoy!

^This is what I look like normally. If I were to see you in public, or on most days, I am wearing black. I am not morbid or depressed, but I look much smaller in black!

^This is what's hiding under that black shirt! It is also a good reason to NOT get your belly button pierced. This is also a picture of my one noticeable stretch mark that I received while pregnant with Canon. I would not have gotten my belly button pierced if I knew it would look so ugly!
^Here I am breathing out to give you the full effect of the boulder.

^Here I am sucking in! Ha, just for laughs!

While loading these pics I thought I'd share some other pregnancy thoughts with you. I can not get enough of the calendar these days. With having 3 possible due dates, I am scheming and thinking of all the possible days this little one could be born. With the 3 due dates and Boaz being born 3 weeks early, I have about 6 weeks to work with. Today I am 33 weeks according to my last due date. According to the due date I first thought, I am 35 weeks. Either way, we will be putting the car seat in the car next weekend and my bag will be packed next week. When Boaz was born the only thing I had ready was Canon's bag and a typed list of what I needed to pack. Labor is not the best time to pack that bag! So, if April 4th is my "real" due date and Ducky3 comes as early as Boaz did, she will arrive on March 11th. If the 17th is my "real" due date and Ducky3 comes late like her big brother, Canon, she will come on April 19th. The trouble is that Albert will be gone for two weeks right in the middle of this "Due Period." So, if any of you are looking for some laughs, you're welcome to come and stay with us during that time! Ha! Albert's Dad and sister are each going to come for a couple of days while Albert is gone and I am still figuring out what I'll do during the other days. So, the real  concern with the time that Albert is gone is that if my due date of the 17th is correct and the baby comes as early as Boaz, she will be born on March 26th. This date is right in the middle of the time Albert will be gone. I am anxious to see God's timing!

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